O: Month 9

Olie! Olie! Olie! Gosh. Bright blueberry eyes. Dashing smile. Best raspberry blower this side of the Mississippi. One little tooth jutting out from the south. Adorable.

Little Olan is a sweet, self-sufficient baby boy who loves digging through the toy box, I think he’s starting to enjoy reading books for a little longer now, his naps are evening out well, he’s a splasher already (he’s going to be trouble later), he loves his big sister (but gets pretty frustrated with her head hug attacks), and he rocks the pat-a-cake-ing. Looking out the window and being in the kitchen is soothing, he’s a real daddy’s boy, but loves smiling at his mom and bouncing with his grandmas!

He’s not crawling yet. My babies just aren’t real quick on the whole motor skills I guess. He eats a little less – 32 ounces of milk, but is eating a buncha table food now. He even has his own big boy plate! And a big boy he is. 18 month clothes and 20-some pounds. Chunky dude! His hair has the slightest hint of red, he loves to babble and squeal, and has the belly of a buddha.

Pure happiness.

Oh, and Evie is super cute too – I had to include my pretty girl at the end.

Harvest Memories

Some sweet times to remember in the field last night! Our little farmers had a ball helping Grandpa, Uncle Mike, and Great Grandpa Henry harvest some wheat… Evie learned how to “smash” the wheat and eat it, and Olan was content to hang out on the blanket with a piece of stubble for hours. We even got to enjoy some rhubarb pie and ice cream from Grandma Henry’s kitchen too! An absolutely perfect evening: eighty degrees, sunny, a tiny little breeze, and family. Love living in Kansas!

Summer Cousins 2017

Good golly… we’ve had some fun with the annual summer cousin photo shoot over the years, but this year we got to add another variable with Olan in the picture! I must say it is getting more difficult to get everyone in a good mood at the same time, but I think we ended up pulling it off a few times. At least we were close enough! Sweet kids… most of the time. Or some of the time. Or… yeah.

It ain’t no thang. Glad we started this tradition, regardless! Olan and his emo hairdo and single solitary look, Silas and his “little pear” he held onto the whole time, and Evie with her well-meaning head and neck hug attacks on Olan… love my people!

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