O: Year 6

Our boy is just the sweetest. He’s also six! Here are some things I want to remember about him in this phase of life.

This kid has got some potential. He learned to swim pretty confidently this summer, and he was unstoppable! He got to be a camper at the Mini Trojan Football camp this year for the first time and loved it. He’s pretty fast too, or so I hear from him. 🙂

On a given day, he is seen walking around with his spear in hand, playing out some elaborate imaginary battle in his head. Dad and Olan love to wrestle and tickle each other these days too. He loves our Minecraft Wednesdays, drawing crazy creatures like Mecha Godzilla and Venom, watching sports games, anything superheroes, and reading before bed.

He’s loving kindergarten too! He is *SMART* of course because what parent doesn’t think so? But he does read well for a kindergartener, and even though I’m not sure how much a kinder student is supposed to know in math, he loves to add numbers together! I’ve heard several accounts of this kid being a good friend to his classmates. This makes my heart happy!

He is a pretty helpful dude these days. First things first, he is sleeping later in the morning (7:30am woo!). He does chores around the house, including putting away his laundry, cleaning the bathroom sink, he puts away silverware from the dishwasher, and sometimes sets the table, complete with napkins and a candle. He keeps his room pretty tidy, and follows through with tasks well… usually.

Olan never has been much of a dare devil. He’s learning to ride his bike without training wheels, but it might be awhile. Ha ha! He’s a little shy of our chickens, he’s got the cutest squeaky little voice, and he’s real snuggly in the mornings.

Sure love being this dude’s mom!

  • Color: Green
  • Animal: Rhino
  • Food: Spaghetti
  • Drink: Pepsi
  • Song: Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple
  • TV Show: Spiderman
  • Movie: Peter Pan
  • Game: Minecraft
  • Restaurant: McDonald’s
  • Bible Story: Goliath
  • Season: Summer (because we’re on break)
  • Toy: My spear
  • Outfit: Trojan Football shirt and gray Under Armour shorts
  • Book: Batman and Friends
  • Friend: Colton Lacy
  • Thing to do outside: Play catch with a football
  • Future Career: Construction Worker

To My Dearest Boy

Olan, my dear boy,

I’m just tickled that you are mine. And you’re six now! You have done lots of growing in lots of ways this year. Praising the Lord for all the work he has done in our lives in the last 365 days.

First things first, this year our prayers since before you were born were answered. You made a decision that will impact the rest of your life. You decided that you wanted to follow Jesus, and you were baptized as well. We are absolutely thrilled that you made this conscious choice. I see God working in you, Olie. Your struggles with anger that you once had, he has helped alleviate them. Your effort in memorizing Scripture has grown too. I’m so lucky to have a front row seat in watching him use you to spread the Good News to others.

Another way that you’ve grown is in your reading ability. You’ve cracked the code and now you’re unstoppable! Being able to read will unlock so many wonders in this life, just you wait. God has gifted you with ease of learning. What will you do with it? Use it for good.

You’ve grown in maturity too. Your sense of right is strong. If I’ve learned anything about getting older, it’s that with age comes more responsibility. The longer I’m here, the more I see the baton of maturity being passed to me. And so it goes with you, sweetie. As you grow in days, may the Lord bless you with maturity and wisdom even beyond your years. I pray that you would be an influencer, and not a chameleon among your circle. That you would allow God to shape you into one who reaches out to others and draws them in. That you would tap into the ocean of God’s generous compassion and love and learn to fill others’ cups with it. That you would learn to abide in Christ. All these things are possible, but not because of any growth you can muster yourself. God, do a work in my son that gives you all the fame and recognition that you deserve.

Before you were born, I painted a verse from Philippians 2 on a canvas that still hangs in your room today. It says this: “You will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life.” Through your faith in God, you have become a star, Olan. Hold fast to God’s word, and he’ll make you shine bright.

I am so proud of you. I love you. I’m on your side and I’m here for you always. Happy birthday, baby boy.


Olan’s Superhero Day!

Our family got to celebrate Olan’s sixth birthday this weekend, and it was a genuine celebration indeed! Our guy was in the sweetest of spirits. It’s just the bomb to watch your child let loose and enjoy something. Olan woke up to all the decorations around the house, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over and over. At the end of the day, he said, “Mom, I had the best day!” And that’s why I do it folks. The magical birthday memories. Melty.

Olan got to invite a few friends over this year for the first time! We decided once the kids hit elementary school, we’d allow a friend party to happen. We’ve been in the habit of having the kid party for a few hours in the afternoon, wait an hour, and then invite the immediate family over for dinner and fun. Olan chose Thomas Moyer, Laken Herbel, and Colton Lacy to party with, and oh did those boys party! Very loudly. Aside from snacks, we had shield decorating, nerf gun fun, a silly string war, and a glow in the dark laser maze in the basement. It was wild and crazy!

Our parents and siblings came for the evening and we had food and opening presents. Olan was very huggy… he gave out hugs after each gift, and some even for the cards! He was just so happy. And so was I, watching him.

Glad to be able to celebrate this special boy! Happy birthday, Olie. We love you!

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