Chickens’ 1st Birthday

I know what you’re thinking… the Henrys have gone off their rockers. Yes, yes we have. Evie decided from day one that the chickens were to have a suitable birthday party celebrating their first year of life. And so, she planned her beloved pets a birthday party! It was a lovely day and very well planned, if I say so myself. There were invitations. There were chicken themed cupcakes, deviled eggs, and barbecued chicken appetizers. There were decorations lovingly made by Evie. There were peep wars. There were presents. There were guests. There was musical entertainment. There was an itinerary. And yes, I took some photos! Enjoy a truly ONCE in a lifetime celebration of our little feathery friends!

End Days of 2021

2021 went out with a one-day hurricane and a cancelled New Year’s Eve party. Ah well! We still had a great Christmas season!

Family Photos

Got to do a little mini shoot with our lovely friend Lauren this fall… thanks for the memories! 🙂

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