July 4!

It’s July 12. Oh well. Here is our July 4 fun in photos!

Evie and I got creative with her fingernails… Holiday themed! I was actually pretty proud of them. Evie loved the American flag one! Sweet girl.

These two love each other so very much.

Evie and Olan wanted to craft with some July 4 themed cards. We only got one done. LOL.

Eets a race!

This took a lot of work to conjure.

Momma and Pal

Ain’t we festive?

Okay, so badminton. This was really fun! Everyone got in on the action, young and “old” alike!

My sweet sissy’s family.

Had a helicopter toy or two go on the roof. Send the old man up there to get ’em.

These are the coolest toys!

Max and Mom!

Evie gave out free tricycle rides, at least to cousin Marley!

I like this lady.

My cousin Megan and her mini me!

As if we needed more than homemade ice cream.

My safe girl. Tricycles and ear protection.

So much history with my FarCuz!

Olan says, “CHEEEEEP!” when a picture is being taken.

We are in the awkward smile phase.

Watch out world.

Cousin Dave and Maxine joined us!

Megan and Barry on the sidelines!

We ate well. Steaks!

Just a swinging.

Our Grow Group reunited for a July 3 party!

July 3 fireworks show, brought to us by Thommas and Eric!

Harvest Traditions

A season of family traditions that are near and dear to my heart… harvesting wheat! Although I feel like quite the mooch by waltzing out, eating a meal, and stealing shots of my kids in the wheat while everyone around me is working hard in a field feeding America, I am thankful to be part of a family who does work hard in a field to feed America. Not everyone gets to experience this up close, and it’s pretty freaking cool! My babies so look forward to going to the field to see Grandma and Grandpa Henry, Uncle Mike and family, and Great-Grandpa Henry, all the while hoping to snag a down and back in the combine to top it off. A beautiful evening minus gnats, and I’m just munching up this golden hour goodness lately.

Dirty. Stinky. Itchy. FUN!

Stepping into Eleven

Year #11. It takes some getting used to in order to picture myself having a decade of time behind us as married folks. We were just reminiscing today about our wedding day.

Rarely known fact: It rained the morning of June 28, 2008. And that little known fact really has seemed like good luck as they say. Call it luck, a good omen, or a silly wives’ tale, but I understand what is truly going on. It’s only the power of Christ in both of us that has made a decade go by in a flash, even with its peaks and valleys. I am so grateful to have been on this journey with Logan walking next to me.

People say their wedding was the best day of their lives. I do look back on that season of life with fondness, but in my opinion, my wedding day was far from the best. If that was the best day of my life, what does that say about our marriage? My goodness, I have had so many best days of my life after my wedding day…

Countless days when we’ve taken long walks around our neighborhood with blue skies and 75 degrees of air. Bunches of days when I’ve sat by him and smiled at the camera during a special event. Days when we’ve found something so funny I can’t stop belly laughing. Days when our kids show kindness to others and finally make us think they have a hope of turning out okay someday. Days spent on getting away, in a foreign country, on the road, in the yard, at the park, at a friend’s house, in ministry, finishing a difficult project, enjoying a meal together, anticipating a date, praying together, planning for the future, reflecting on our goals, hosting people, dancing in the living room, being with our families, losing weight, staying up late, eating a snack, playing with our kids on the carpet, sleeping in, hammocking, sitting on our red couch watching something… and I could keep going to infinite.

The truth is, there have been lots and lots of best days of my life with Logan. I am one “lucky” lady. And Lord willing, there will be a whole slew of best days to come. Happy “one-one” anniversary to my bestie!

We had a great night celebrating together! First stop, Robby’s Famous Cheesecake for a fantastic dessert, then on to get our rings cleaned. Later, we joined up with Unite Salina. Fun fact: Unite Salina was hosted at Heritage Hall tonight. It was pretty crazy to think that 11 years ago tonight, we were at our wedding reception, dancing the night away at the same Heritage Hall. Kinda warmed my heart. 🙂 Thank you, @jadecreates for taking a few photos after the event! You are too kind and so talented, my friend!

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