Dinners with Chillin’s

Aww shucks. These friends are just so much fun. This marks my fourth year of Grade 6 Dinner Parties! Loved serving this crew dinner and laughing together last week… a much needed happy break from what the world’s been offering lately. I’m about to blink April and May away and then these special people will be all grown up in junior high. So excited to see what you all become! Thank you for some sweet memories, y’all. Love ya!

Da Fam

My ever-talented Texas amiga, Lauren, took some fam photos while we visited. So glad she did, because we didn’t get any family Easter photos! Easter outfits are overrated anyway… Many thanks to Lauren Waller Photography for your skillz. We sure love you!

The Henry Family this spring! Evie is entering the goofier-than-all-get-out-forced-smile phase while Olan is in the catch-me-if-you-can-I’m-a-gingerbread-man phase, so it makes for some very raw, natural photos. I like it! It’s just us right now, and that’s that. Love these three humans pretty hardcore!

Easter Flashbacks

It’s been a long month. And it’s only half way over. We’ve been battling the pukes, fevers, up-at-night grouchies, the newly added double ear infection, and three funerals since April 1 and I’m about spent. Easter came and went without much of a hullabaloo because of sickness (my kids didn’t even wear their Easter outfits), but lucky for us, we got to celebrate with a few family members the day before it hit! Sad to have missed the Henry side celebrations on our lonely Easter day, but Janine did a fantastic job at sending the best Easter leftovers a girl could ask for and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I’ve got the greatest mom-in-law! And thanks for spoiling our kids rotten, regardless of their sick status! 🙂

Here’s some documentation of the fun we had while it lasted!

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