The leaves in our yard (and everyone else’s yard I’m sure, except I never see anyone else raking their lawns… what’s up with that??) fall at different intervals each fall season. You get too gung ho and you could be out there like a million times raking leaves. Sheesh.

The one good thing about leaf raking is the pile. I mean, who doesn’t love a good leaf pile to jump in?

Remind me to shave off Evie’s hair next year before jumping in the leaves.

Falling Up

Fall’s my favorite season! It’s so beautiful the way the leaves die. (ya gotta see “Seasons” from Gaffigan’s Cinco)

Here’s our family’s fall in photos!

Catching Up

The fall. The summer. Lots of photos. Here they are. Figured I needed to cram this in before Christmas. Ha!

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