About Shauna

I’m Shauna Henry and this blog belongs to me! I live in little Salina, Kansas and I’m married to Logan (by far the greatest guy I’ll ever meet). I grew up here in Salina and didn’t plan to come back here, really. We knew after we graduated that we wanted to do college ministry, but where was a mystery until we both landed jobs here with little resistance. So here we are.

I am a KSU graduate and have a degree in Elementary Education. I also have my Master’s Degree in Education from Baker University. I now work at my dream job at USD306 (Southeast of Saline) as a sixth grade English teacher. I absolutely love it!

We are also have a girl and a boy! They are pretty darn sweet. My journey as a parent has grown me in so many ways. Little people test a person’s sanity, but it’s an incredible journey to watch a human grow from a blog to a walking and talking and thinking individual. We love our babes dearly!

I also do college ministry. We are part of the staff at Christian Challenge Salina. God has worked on so many great things through this ministry.

Passions: Jesus, community, reading, cooking, traveling, organization, piano.

Unpassions: laziness, unmotivation, random whistling, broken things, complaining, animals jumping on me, licking me and sniffing me in awkward places.

6 thoughts on “About Shauna

  1. I whistled randomly in class one day, without really realizing it, and the teacher stopped lecturing to ask who was making that noise. I guess random whistling was also on her list of unpassions.

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