New Recipe Additions Edition

Every so often, I update my recipe section with foods we’ve been chowing down on that deserve a spot on the ol’ bloggety blog. So here are the new ones for this go around! I am far from being a culinary genius (I wish!), but each recipe I list is usually slightly adapted for our family’s preferences. For the most part, someone else is responsible for making up such delicious dishes, so look for the credits at the end of each my recipes and thank God for these gifted individuals.



Sloppy Joes (can’t remember if I had this one highlighted last time. Fun Fact: I hate Sloppy Joes. But these. I do NOT hate.)

Cheeseburger Pie

Self Admitting… I need more dinners.



Mexican Rice

Homemade Noodles

Icebox Butterhorns (Rolls)

Pie Crust

Better Than Mayo



Scones (cinnamon)

Scones (lemon)

Lemon Bars

Surprise Cupcakes

Mocha Punch


Party Food

Black Bean Queso

Avocado Dip

O: 1.75 Years

Olan at his one and three quarters mark. He’s such a candy bar… meaning way too delicious for anyone to resist. Here’s Olie’s list of fun things he’s doing and preferring these days.

Although in the past he’s been slow to speak out, he has exploded with words in the last few weeks. He says: egg, hat, car, ball, big bite, blue, daddy, mama, Evie, moon, truck, mow, tree, done, water, snack, eat, God, uh huh, no, light, bay… Okay so he’s saying everything. Ha! He is trying many other words, but these are the ones that are most recognizable by Joe Schmoe.

The kid loves being outside and throws a fit when it’s time to come in. He has taken a liking to baseball, he’s fearless in the water, and enjoys swinging. I think he might stay in the swing for hours if that were not considered neglect. Blue car is his go-to toy, and I feel like we need some big boy toys pretty quick… he’s getting into dinos and trucks and farm equipment, big time.

Eating is a favorite pastime for the man. He’s into throwing his food at the table (which we are swiftly disciplining for outrageous behavior like that). Blueberries for the blueberry eyed baby boy and he’s content as can be. He also digs bananas, oatmeal, and pizza. Weighing in at 31 pounds, his appetite matches. And all he wants at mealtime is to watch mama cook his food in the kitchen.

Evie and Olan have a special relationship. Evie is very protective of her baby bro, and they love hugging and wrestling with each other. We’ve really seen Olan follow after Evie’s example in a lot of ways. Just this morning, Evie put on her shoes and was running through the house as fast as she could, and Olan brought me his shoes to put on and started running too. So cute. (And they look like they’re gonna be up to no good one of these days with their shifty eyes in the last picture!)

Biting, throwing screamy tantrums (wondering if the twos are coming soon…), pacifying at nighttime, and “tattling” on Evie are some of his bad habits. But all in all, dude’s a pretty docile creature. He is still a cuddly babe who loves to be carried around. He thinks brushing his teeth is the funniest thing, he reads “Down by the Bay” every night and never wanes in excitement, and snoozes from 8:00pm-6:30am.

Nearly two years with my babe and I haven’t gotten tired of him yet.

The Cheery Season

Our life in pictures during the jolly season. It is really something else to be able to relive some of the magic of Christmas with my little lady and baby boy. I can’t think of a better group of people to celebrate with than the folks in these photos.

Even though that magical feeling of Christmas is pretty stinking awesome, I have to add the cliche message, because Christmas isn’t actually magic. Folks, magic isn’t real. But I’ll tell you, the dude we celebrate — Jesus — is.

I can’t think of a better reason to celebrate during this “magical” season than with the birthday of Jesus. He has literally changed my life completely. I used to be a crowd pleasing approval junkie who had a big problem with being imperfect, but Jesus rescued me from that bondage, and I have to say, even though the sin nature is and will be intertwined in my flesh until I get to heaven, I have freedom from that way of thinking. So grateful to our God for that.

There’s reason to celebrate when I remember that I don’t have to earn his favor (even though sometimes I try), that he gives me the unmerited grace to scoop up salvation and claim it for my life. No matter what life throws at me, I can rest in that truth.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed celebrating these things with these wonderful people!

The Elliotts came and celebrated New Year’s Eve with us! Minus Olan, we all made it to MIDNIGHT! WOW!

The Christmas Bake Off in 6th grade! Oreo Balls with some pretty fly peeps.

The next entry was surprisingly good… Oreo Snow (oreos with yogurt on top!) I’m kinda missing these folks.

These sweet ladies created chocolate covered pretzels with some holiday pizzazz!

The dudes made “Donut touch my snowman” creations… So creative!

Marshmallow Reindeer!!!!

Evie and I’s annual girl date to the Smoky Hill Museum Holiday Open House. Even got ourselves in the newspaper for the second time at this event! 🙂

Posing at the museum with my cutie!

Evie got to request a few carols… this harpist was the bomb!

Evie got to make a homemade candle at the open house too! Really cool.

The obligatory family photo by the Christmas tree. We are happy. I think.

The Baldwin side at the CrossPoint Christmas Eve service. Love my fam! We got to have our sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa B a few days before CE, since it was on Sunday and our men would be wrapped up in preparations for church and for the evening service. It’s really cool to be able to serve alongside these folks – my real family is my church family too!

Good times with grandparents!

6th graders holding in their happy dances right before school is out for Christmas break… pajama day + ugly sweater contest for teachers = a weird Mrs. Henry outfit. Ha ha!

Olie and Evie at the mall. Gosh that tree is great big.

Candy Land with Grandma Henry at Christmas!

Evie fell asleep on the floor at my mom and dad’s… too much excitement! Never ever happens this way!

Logan and I’s ornament creation for my students. A 3D printed ornament with shrinky-dinks made by each kid. Not bad!

Our full family photo – with our eldest son, Trail pictured. Ha ha. This was the day Trail moved out actually. We loved housing him for the semester – and he’ll always hold a special place in our family! Thanks for putting up with our crazy selves, man. You’ve probably got some major dirt on us.

Olan and Uncle Coleman!

Hanging out with my Grandma Crawshaw during our “Thanksmas” celebration! Love you grandma!!!!

The whole crew, minus Olan and Logan. Olan was home sick. 😦

Olie chilling at the Christmas Eve service

Evie singing her heart out at Christmas Eve!

These folks. Our grow group had a “Breaded Ginger House Party” to celebrate… complete with amazing awards! Love them.

Evie and my Ginger creation. My Grandma B would be so proud.

Santa and Mrs. Henry at SES!

Evie helped put up Christmas decor! She had a ball. She especially loved putting the treats in the advent calendar, and I must say, she did an amazing job!

The complete Santa Puzzle at the Henry Christmas!

Our friends, the Franklins, invited the staff kids to their house for a Christmas party! My kids loved it, and it was super awesome to have a random date night for all the parents! Thank you, Kristen, Eric, Sadie and Cole for your hospitality and fun idea!

Here they are eating their gourmet meal!

Henry family train ride at the mall. Oh boy!

Olan’s first real snow. Both kids were mesmerized.

Christmas Eve pajamas. Both kids were thrilled to have their portraits taken. Oh well. Their pjs have Mr. and Mrs. Claus on them. They were so cute! No good pictures to capture them… just take my word for it.

Our grow group adopted the rescue mission… so we made treat bags for their holiday dinner. Evie loved helping the assembly line.

Some of my favorite people on the face of the planet!

Gift wrapping room. Lol. Thanks, Trail, for moving out just in time.

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