Christmas Cuties

Couldn’t resist the Wondershop Christmas pajamas this year… and the obligatory mama’s bed photos that ensued. Happy Christmas to you!

To My Seven-Year-Old Evie

Hi little lady!

Another birthday has arrived: number seven! I have had so much fun with you as a six-year-old. The years just keep getting more fun! I have loved to watch you try out the school thing and you rocked it despite the many challenges you have faced. You have grown up in many ways, right before our very eyes.

Aside from being several inches taller, I have seen you transform into a more compassionate, thoughtful, and loving person this year. You care about others and I can see that in your interactions with our family. When Olan needs help, you’re there. I treasure the times when I’m laying in bed before your clock says 7:00am and I hear you helping him get a toy, read a book, or get dressed. The day I told you I finished my last homework assignment for my classes you melted my heart when you look at me and said, “Mom, I’m so proud of you.” The sympathy in your heart you felt for Jigglypuff when you learned that he was the weakest Super Smash Brothers character. The mornings you get up and make my cereal bowl with extra milk and cautiously bring it to my bedside. The surprise bathroom sink cleanings you’ve done countless times. The way you look after animals of all sorts. The times we leave grandma and grandpa’s house and you say with concern, “I’m really gonna miss them.” For these traits I have prayed!

Speaking of answered prayers, this was the year you decided you’d follow Jesus. My mom heart leaps for joy to share in the riches of our awesome God with you! He is slowly and surely changing you to be more like him. If I have any advice for you this year, it would be to make it a thing to read your Bible each day. You are already hiding the Word in your heart, but make it something you just do everyday.

You have the makings of an engineer. No kidding! Instead of bunches of toys, put some tape, scissors, string and paper in your hands and you’re set for the day! It is a delight for me to watch you try and figure things out. You’re much like your daddy in this area. I love that about you!

You are a reader today, and you’ll be a leader in the future! The way you devour books is rare, but I keep thinking about how your brain must be growing by the truckloads every day. Keep going on reading adventures beyond these four walls. Then tell me all about it!

This year, I am praying for you to learn to be humble and find ways to put others before yourself. It may be true that you are very talented in a lot of ways, but let others discover that by the way you act, not in the words you say. God has given you many gifts, and I thank him for that! I pray you can use those gifts to make God look good!

Girl, I can’t tell you enough how much I love you! I am so glad God gave me another year with you. You help make our family something special and I am SO excited to see how you grow in year number seven!


Evie is Seven!

Evie’s #7! I have loved to watch this wild child grow up this year. She is still her crazy self, but just starting to blossom into a witty, thoughtful, creative little creature. She is my beautiful girl!

Kindergarten is complete. Obviously at the point I’m writing this, we’re in a global COVID pandemic. That has slowed our outings, but not slowed Evie down! I heard her counting by 3’s the other day. Who does that? She picks up on patterns in a snap.

She’s read a bunch of books this year, but we can safely say that we completed The Chronicles of Narnia series in one year! Whew! Something new we implemented this year was some independent bedtime reading. Every other night I’ll read aloud, and on the opposite nights, she’ll choose a different book to read. She loves her “Flippy” book easel and her 20 minutes of reading before snoozing! She is super into chapter books, typically 3rd-4th grade level. That girl’s gonna read all the books in our library.

Evie has exploded with an obsession over animals. She wants a pet sooooo bad. Hoping by her eighth birthday, we’ll have chickens! A useful pet! 🙂 Frogs, turtles, cats, bugs, I mean, she wants it all! I need to convince her that rocks are good pets.

She loves to care for our garden. She is faithful in patrolling the yard for bunnies and picking veggies right on time. She is a tree hugger!

Her personality can still be off in the clouds. We’ll ask a question and wait for a response, and she was literally in such a zone that she didn’t know we said anything at all. If you want her attention, be sure to say her name until she acknowledges you. Sigh.

She is passionate. She loves to play soccer and foosball, but watch out if you win. We’re working on the poker face. It’s most definitely still a work in progress.

We started loose piano lessons during quarantine. She is just like me… trainable but much more of a play-it-by-ear musician. She isn’t that interested in learning the basic Bastien tunes, she’s over there plunking out Smoke on the Water and Swan Lake. However, she’s been asking for more lessons, so let’s go with it! If anyone out there knows how to train a naturally in tune improvising little one, let me know.

Biking without training wheels. We’ll just say she started the process as a six-year-old and will hopefully finish as a seven-year-old. Hopefully. LOL.

Games have been her jam this year! Lots of Uno, Sorry, War, and Skip-bo. Yay for games! Also, we introduced a Wednesday night video game session for 20 minutes on our ancient N64. Super Smash, Mario Kart, you know, the classics.

Kitties, stuffed animals, unicorns, wrestling with dad, digging in rocks, fort building, dessert, bows, technology, music (Jesus and Classic Rock), creating, swinging, soccer, and crushed ice are some of her favorite things. Here are a few others from the horse’s mouth:

  • Color: Red
  • Animal: Cats
  • Food: Chocolate cake and desserts
  • Drink: Strawberry Lemonade
  • Song: Smoke on the Water
  • TV Show: Inspector Gadget
  • Movie: Madagascar
  • Game: Super Mario Games
  • Bible Story: When Jesus calms the sea (“That’s like, really amazing.”)
  • Season: Winter (“We can make ice cream and build snowmen!”)
  • Toy: Stripes and Simba (two years in a row)
  • Outfit: Happy and fabulous pink shirt
  • Book: The BFG
  • Friend: Ethyn McFarland
  • Thing to do outside: Play soccer
  • Future Career: An engineer (“They build things.”)

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