Evie’s Tumble

Old news: Evie received the first stitches in our Henry family history! Even though it happened a few weeks ago, documenting the occasion only seems natural, as it’s a big moment in anyone’s life. The juicy details are what kids will want to know later in life to be able to recall the tall tales to their friends, right? Where did that awesome battle scar come from? Well, Evie’s got a story in the making.

Actually, it wasn’t really valiant. As she was hanging out with my parents (who are tied with my in-laws as the greatest grandparents ever) one Friday afternoon, she came barreling out of the bathroom to jump on grandma’s lap. Her body bumped against the couch just enough to send her careening out-of-control-face-first-no-bracing-herself into the corner of the coffee table. Ay ay ay! Right on her cheek. So glad it wasn’t her eye, or her nose, or her teeth. Praise God for the miracle that is. Whew!

So yeah, I get a phone call while I’m doing my weekly grocery run to Aldi saying that Evie took a spill. We decided to meet each other at MedExpress as soon as I could get out of the store. Evie comes walking in with a band-aid on her face, happy as a lark. I thought maybe we’d be just fine, but the nurse practitioner, Todd, had other thoughts. Ha!

Now for my shameless plug for MedExpress. Great. Amazing. We’ve actually been seen by Todd before, and it’s been a WHILE. But Evie still talks about him and how he made an elephant come out of her ear, like, two years later. He is a kid whisperer. We have had great experiences each time we’ve been. Recommended!

Stitches were the prognosis. Oh what fun… I sure am glad I have a supermom for a mom. Evie was cool with everything until the Lidocaine shots came. She fa-lipped out. Like three people holding her down screaming bloody murder flipped out. Gee whilikers. Our prayers and God making her brave did not seem to faze the girl. She was literally shaking with fear. She was so T-Oed that this was happening to her. That whole process was the pits. I don’t blame her.

However, once we got through that, she was a peaceable girl. Todd did a fantastic job sewing up Evie’s face, and Evie did a top-notch job of becoming a statue while eight stitches were inserted into her cheek. I’m pretty certain she was doing it all for the candy bars that were promised to her by the stitcher-upper, but hey, it was kinda whatevs at that point. She also got a hand balloon (a latex glove blown up like a balloon). She likes to tell everyone about her loot even before she tells them she got stitches. Ha ha!

The next morning, she acted like nothing had happened. I’m not sure she would have said anything had I not mentioned it to her. It has healed quite well, I’m sure because of our prayers. I gave her no Tylenol for her pain except for the initial wound and for the night. That’s my tough girl!

The real fun was five days later when the stitches had to come out. Drama queen has arrived. Grandma B came over to slice those out and it was basically a repeat of Lidocaine moment. And soooo not as painful. Hoping for less traumatic experiences for her injury and health career. After much logic talk and God talk and bribe talk, Evie sat completely still and had each removed with very little problems. I can only attribute it to the peace of God washing over her. It was a lifesaver.

Now, yes, there’s a scar about four weeks out, but The Ordeal is over. Perhaps in a few months you won’t be able to tell she had stitches. Let’s hope!


Evie = Four

The little Evie-Lou-Who turns four! What a year to celebrate. We love our not-so-terribly little girl! Happiest day to you sweet one.


  • We are so proud of Evie’s excitement for learning. If I can brag a bit… She knows all her letters and their sounds (much ado goes to Jamie on that one!), she can count to 100 easily, and she is actually sounding out words on her own! She is able to recognize around fifteen words automatically, I think. She loves typing on the laptop to spell things out too! She loves to know what temperature it is outside, what time it is, and what direction (NSWE) we are going. She hears rhymes (she calls them matching words). Oh man, she is going to love school.
  • Evie makes her bed, puts on her shoes, buckles herself in the carseat (slooowwwwlyyy), takes her dishes to the sink after meals, helps with laundry, opens locked doors… what else?
  • She sleeps for around two hours during the afternoon and goes to bed at 8:00pm, waking up at 6:30am. And she lets us know when it’s time to get up, let me tell ya.
  • Writing “letters” to people has been one of her favorite activities this year. She tells me what to print in traceable words, I print it, she traces the words and delivers them to the lucky recipient. She’s even gotten into “making envelopes” for each one, which includes folding it and putting a sticker on it to close it. Cute.
  • Lots of fit throwing still going on, but so much progress has been made since this time last year. Thank you for the grace of God. We would not be alive right now without it, people.
  • Evie loves to count flags and listen to music “on the top” (speaker) when we are driving around.
  • This girl also loves being surprised. She is always asking, “Do you have a surprise for me, mom?”
  • We did swimming lessons this summer… I can’t say Evie is a water bug. But she likes to float in very shallow water.. aka baths are a hit. HA.
  • Evie’s a bit of a ‘fraidy cat. She’s very protective. And man, a band-aid will make gray skies into rainbows immediately.
  • She’s 42 pounds o’ love and 43 inches high.
  • I have been so impressed by Evie’s go-with-the-flowness during our move this summer. She has been so normal. Again, grace has been lavished upon my head, folks.
  • Evie has a fierce love for Olan. She knows when he’s in danger and flops her body out in front of him to rescue him frequently. She knows how to lay down her life for her brother, that’s for sure!
  • She loves eating. Mini human vacuum.
  • She is often in her own world. She’s very distractible. Many times we have to get her attention before saying anything or giving instructions because she is literally in la-la land.
  • Her phrase lately is, “What should we do, mom?” She is a go-getter, loves making friends, and is a loud, [ahem, strong-willed], extroverted individual.


  • Color: Purple, pink, and black
  • Animal: Ducks and Chicks
  • Food: Applesauce and Blueberries
  • Drink: Chocolate Milk
  • Song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • TV Show: Cat in the Hat
  • Game: Metamorphabet and Dominoes
  • Bible Story: David and Goliath
  • Season: Winter because I like eating snow
  • Toy: Momma-doo and Star
  • Outfit: The sparkly heart shirt
  • Book: The Cat in the Hat
  • Friend: Silas
  • Thing to do outside: play with the pink ball
  • Future Career: a baseball thrower, a paper and pen delivery girl, and a teacher


Birthday Bash #3

Evie has loved the night sky since she was itty bitty. One of her first words was moon, and she has this stuffed blue star that someone at daycare gave her many moons ago that has stuck with her as one of her favorite little toys. Her favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle. With this being the case, I decided that for one of the last birthdays I’ll get to plan for Evie without her input, I’d go with a star theme! I went with simple this year… at least for decorating.

Evie also is obsessed with blueberries. She has been asking for a “blueberry cake” for her birthday all summer long… and… I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a blueberry cake before. Ha! So I did a little improvising and made her “cake” into a fruit pizza instead, complete with a star made from plenty of blueberries! Not very traditional, but I think she enjoyed it, nonetheless.

We had a great evening for a party and hung out outside for the majority of the night. Evie even opened presents on our front steps! A full house of twenty family members were present, and we had a nice picnic dinner – hamburgers, brats, pasta salad, baked beans, chips, orange jello salad, and lemonade.

Of course Evie got spoiled like crazy with some very cool gifts! We gave her a “movie” at the theater that we’ll cash in later, Logan bought some purple 3D printing filament (Evie’s favorite color), and I cashed in on some Disney reward points to snag a TV tray that she can eat snacks on in the living room while we watch a movie or whatever. She got a sweet sleeping bag, a DoodlePro, a sweet little suitcase, a floor puzzle, some wonderful books (so… the Pout Pout Fish is a huge hit!), a squeaky pogo stick, finger paints, brushes, and a smock, music, clothes, birthday cake Teddy Grahams and more. We love everything, and love even more that most of them are not toys, but just useful things that she needs, but still loves just the same. Grateful for our family, and for our little lady!

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