Olan is One!

My sweet babe is one year old next week! Contrasted to Evie’s first year of life that seemed to actually take a real year of time to pass, Olan’s first year has gone by at warp speed. We love our little cutie all the same though!

Olan’s party was a little bit crazy. While we had September 16 on the calendar for Olan’s shindig, the week before we had scheduled his party, Hurricane Irma brought our Holly and Ray into Kansas territory for the time being. A few days earlier, my dad told me that he hadn’t thought about the date, and that he was performing a wedding down in Goodland on Olan’s party day, so he wouldn’t be able to make it. Mom-in-law, Janine, had already informed me that her ONS workshop was the same day as the party, so she’d have to slip out and miss part of it.

All of this culminated on Friday evening. Since so many conflicts were coming up and Holly and Ray were going to be in town (!), we decided, what the heck? Why not throw the party tomorrow? We had pretty much everything ready to go except a cake plan. We spent the next morning and afternoon putting together our home for our baby boy’s one year birthday party. Evie and I ran all over town getting food and last minute items, and we went at it!

The party was a success! Not only did it push us to get a few more house projects done (i.e. deck lights! Yay!), it was pretty great to be able to have our family around for a beautiful evening of fun. (Sad to have missed a few guests, but you were with us in spirit!)

The “cake” ended up being “O Henry” bars, a bit atypical for a one year old’s birthday treat, but fitting for our little O Henry, and he seemed to enjoy it, as he wore a little chocolate goatee while chomping! I went with the Mo Willems’ Pigeon book series theme, complete with a hot dog party (the Pigeon’s dream come true in the books). Thank you, Miles Wolters, for the inspiration! 🙂

Gifts included the coveted Skip Hop iguana backpack and matching water bottle (he loves already!), a bike helmet, a hammer toy, Halloween costume, the awesome John Deere dump trucks, books, clothes, and the bouncing donkey toy.. ha ha! We gifted Olie with a new car seat for Evie so that Olan can have her old seat… good thing he’s only one, pretty sure that won’t fly again. He also got some punch balloons and a new Lightning McQueen car from us. He’s a spoiled little dude!

Thankful to the Lord for all he has gifted us with in Olan.

O: Month 11


This kid is a pretty fun baby to have around. I think I’ll keep him.

I am so relieved (and somehow sad too) that eleven months marks the beginning of the weaning process. I feel like I am going to have soooo much more freeeeeedom. But then there’s this strange wistful twinge attached to it that I never see coming. The baby of our family is growing out of babydom. Aww, man. It’s been going well though, he drinks moo-milk now at each meal from a sippy cup, and we cut back his mom-milk to four bottles of five ounces each day. It is glorious to be able to leave the big black bag at HOME during the day. It’s the little things, people.

O is still demanding that someone feed him, although hope is right around the corner I can see. On a rare occasion, I’ll see him sneak a bite on his own… but I’m pretty certain he’s learned how to work his parents into bowing down to his every victual need. Watch out baby, I’m on to you.

I’ve got a cuddly bug who still loves to be carried and held. He follows you everywhere around the house, moaning for attention if you don’t give in right away. He makes lots of different sounds, he is pulling up to a standing position (although early on in the month, once he got to standing, he was stuck standing until someone rescued him. WAAAA!)

Olan still loves water and is getting pretty brave in the bathtub. He flips onto his belly and splashes all over. He’s much feistier than Evie was at this age! His favorite toys are balls and balloons by far, although cars seem to be of a particular interest lately too. He is also actually starting to turn pages in books and sitting still enough to read a whole book with me. YAY!

He’s such a sweet thing – sleeps from 7:30-6:00ish each night, still rocking the 18 month clothes, size 3 diaper, short morning nap and the two hour afternoon one. Can’t complain about this guy, he’s just the best! Twelve months, here we come!

Evie = Four

The little Evie-Lou-Who turns four! What a year to celebrate. We love our not-so-terribly little girl! Happiest day to you sweet one.


  • We are so proud of Evie’s excitement for learning. If I can brag a bit… She knows all her letters and their sounds (much ado goes to Jamie on that one!), she can count to 100 easily, and she is actually sounding out words on her own! She is able to recognize around fifteen words automatically, I think. She loves typing on the laptop to spell things out too! She loves to know what temperature it is outside, what time it is, and what direction (NSWE) we are going. She hears rhymes (she calls them matching words). Oh man, she is going to love school.
  • Evie makes her bed, puts on her shoes, buckles herself in the carseat (slooowwwwlyyy), takes her dishes to the sink after meals, helps with laundry, opens locked doors… what else?
  • She sleeps for around two hours during the afternoon and goes to bed at 8:00pm, waking up at 6:30am. And she lets us know when it’s time to get up, let me tell ya.
  • Writing “letters” to people has been one of her favorite activities this year. She tells me what to print in traceable words, I print it, she traces the words and delivers them to the lucky recipient. She’s even gotten into “making envelopes” for each one, which includes folding it and putting a sticker on it to close it. Cute.
  • Lots of fit throwing still going on, but so much progress has been made since this time last year. Thank you for the grace of God. We would not be alive right now without it, people.
  • Evie loves to count flags and listen to music “on the top” (speaker) when we are driving around.
  • This girl also loves being surprised. She is always asking, “Do you have a surprise for me, mom?”
  • We did swimming lessons this summer… I can’t say Evie is a water bug. But she likes to float in very shallow water.. aka baths are a hit. HA.
  • Evie’s a bit of a ‘fraidy cat. She’s very protective. And man, a band-aid will make gray skies into rainbows immediately.
  • She’s 42 pounds o’ love and 43 inches high.
  • I have been so impressed by Evie’s go-with-the-flowness during our move this summer. She has been so normal. Again, grace has been lavished upon my head, folks.
  • Evie has a fierce love for Olan. She knows when he’s in danger and flops her body out in front of him to rescue him frequently. She knows how to lay down her life for her brother, that’s for sure!
  • She loves eating. Mini human vacuum.
  • She is often in her own world. She’s very distractible. Many times we have to get her attention before saying anything or giving instructions because she is literally in la-la land.
  • Her phrase lately is, “What should we do, mom?” She is a go-getter, loves making friends, and is a loud, [ahem, strong-willed], extroverted individual.


  • Color: Purple, pink, and black
  • Animal: Ducks and Chicks
  • Food: Applesauce and Blueberries
  • Drink: Chocolate Milk
  • Song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • TV Show: Cat in the Hat
  • Game: Metamorphabet and Dominoes
  • Bible Story: David and Goliath
  • Season: Winter because I like eating snow
  • Toy: Momma-doo and Star
  • Outfit: The sparkly heart shirt
  • Book: The Cat in the Hat
  • Friend: Silas
  • Thing to do outside: play with the pink ball
  • Future Career: a baseball thrower, a paper and pen delivery girl, and a teacher


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