For the Fourth

Oh say! The Fourth of July is always so nostalgic. I love it. This year proved to be filled with wonder for my kids, and we just had a dazzlingly good time.

We Henrys decided to host a funnel cake partay with our Grow Group on Tuesday night and shoot off some works in our finally-coming-together backyard. I fried up 20 cakes and we had some great toppings supplied and meaningful conversations throughout the evening. WOO! It was so fun! Thank you for appeasing my party planning brain and joining us, friends!

On the real holiday, we woke up and sped on out to the in-laws’ house to play with their new batch of seven kittens for the morning. That Evie is in love with those kittens. Olie even warmed up to them and was wanting to pick them up (and forcibly set them down too…). We had a great time! Annual kid photos too. Such a pretty, festive place y’all have, Janine!

We had a lazy afternoon waiting for the evening. Evie and I played Pictureka and giggled a lot. She learned that America is 242 years old, and I think it finally sank in that the Fourth of July is a birthday party for the whole country. I learned that she is quite partial to “Party in the U.S.A”. We listened to it on repeat for like two hours. It really just left me wondering what Britney song was on at the club that night.

After naps, we hit up a friend party for a teensy little bit, and then landed for dinner at my parents’ place. Too much food. Homemade ice cream. Lots of peeps. Lots of pops and bangs. Glow sticks were an amazing hit with little kids. Both of our tikes stayed up until 10:30 (a first for Olan!). Both of them also slept until 7:30, which may sound horrible to you pansies out there, but I was praisin’ the Laud.

Here’s to the land of the free!

Da Fam

My ever-talented Texas amiga, Lauren, took some fam photos while we visited. So glad she did, because we didn’t get any family Easter photos! Easter outfits are overrated anyway… Many thanks to Lauren Waller Photography for your skillz. We sure love you!

The Henry Family this spring! Evie is entering the goofier-than-all-get-out-forced-smile phase while Olan is in the catch-me-if-you-can-I’m-a-gingerbread-man phase, so it makes for some very raw, natural photos. I like it! It’s just us right now, and that’s that. Love these three humans pretty hardcore!

Easter Flashbacks

It’s been a long month. And it’s only half way over. We’ve been battling the pukes, fevers, up-at-night grouchies, the newly added double ear infection, and three funerals since April 1 and I’m about spent. Easter came and went without much of a hullabaloo because of sickness (my kids didn’t even wear their Easter outfits), but lucky for us, we got to celebrate with a few family members the day before it hit! Sad to have missed the Henry side celebrations on our lonely Easter day, but Janine did a fantastic job at sending the best Easter leftovers a girl could ask for and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I’ve got the greatest mom-in-law! And thanks for spoiling our kids rotten, regardless of their sick status! 🙂

Here’s some documentation of the fun we had while it lasted!

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