Summertime Girls (and Boys)

And our 2017 summer is in the books. Such happy memories. I had one of the best summers ever… although I was apprehensive about how it would go with two babies in the house this time. But I must say it has been amazing! Teacher life is pretty phenomenal. Here’s life for the past two months in pictures!

My cousin Megan and I at the library… she was a trooper all week and helped paint and remove wallpaper and all sorts of “fun” projects. Thank you, dear! Love you!

Grow Group Paint Partay! I wish we had a good one of the move in crew too. They were so great.

Evie loves helping. She had so much fun feeding Olan!

Hanging with cousin Ryan and Marley at SES – PJ, mac and cheese, and movie night while we worked worked on my classroom!

Surprise donuts at the new Carol Lee!

Evie and momma playing Guess Who? She ACTUALLY played! It was awesome!

Olie got to play with the shaving cream… since he won’t put anything in his mouth, it worked pretty well. Ha!

Our first picture in front of the Edward house! Yay! What an exciting day!

Evie’s getting into the beauty shop thing lately!

Water fun

Great Grandpa Robinson bein’ cray with my girl

Woody and the kiddies!

Great Grandma and Evie

Exploration Place!

King Olan and Queen Evie

Exploration Place!

Color baths are the next big thang.

Baking “cookies”

Assaria Zipline!

Sister Tara

Manhattan Splash River Thingy

Helping keep Grandma Henry’s yard alive while they were on vacation!

Evie and Tabor superhero dancing at Tammy Howe!

Got to spend some time with cousin Courtney!

My grandma and ME! Love.

Our Great Grandma and Great Woody visit!

I have a splits boy!

Botanica in Wichita!

Picking cherries! Those Peters friends of ours are awesome.

Evie and I built a solar oven and ate s’mores! Super awesome.

Our Wichita Anniversary Trip was spent with lots of friends! Yokohama with John and Rachel!

Sonic with sissy!

The family fun Tuesday event!

Evie loves floating in this kid area!

The Cove with Olie-pie!

Harvest with Great Grandma Peterson!

Spaghetti fun!

Swim lessons with teacher Barb!

Picking mulberries at Shelly and Nate’s

Jamie is officially done with radiation! We went and surprised her after her last treatment. Go Jamie, go!

Chick-fil-a with our daycare buds!

Holly and Ray came back and we got to do the Escape Room with them. We made it!

Evie got to sit in the dentist chair at my appointment! Woo.

Watering the parsley!

Evie chalking it up.

Assaria Park!

Our last picture at the Penn house together. Siiiigh.

Dress up!

Olan and his bath. He loves it!

Evie’s soap concoctions!

Aunt Lana taught Evs how to roll paint! She is a brave soul.

Evie loooooves to build.

Ninjas at Sonic.

Supporting our Jamie together on a Tuesday morning! Mom’s schedule makes it so she has every Tuesday off… it was awesome!

Olie having fun at the library!

Good old game night! Olan is really good at this game. Games at our house consist of getting out all the pieces and spreading them out everywhere. It’s really fun you should try it.

Evie really wanted to work on her Jeep with her dad in the garage.

Our first fruits of the garden!

Swinging at Penn

O: Month 10

Yo-O-O! This month, we’ve really started to see Olan brim with personality! This month has been full of things to remember:

  • He’s finally crawling full blast. Shut your toilet lids, put your breakables up high folks, here comes the tornad-O!
  • He loves his pat-a-cake. He just smiles and claps any time you start that oldie up. I think he’s starting to even “throw it in the oven” with me. Aww.
  • The guy still will not put anything in his mouth. He acts like food is a foreign contaminant when we try to get him to feed himself. The only thing he puts in his mouth is his toothbrush.
  • As soon as we set him at the table for dinner, he will squawk until fed. He’s getting the hang of the “more” sign, and he doesn’t get food until he gives the sign. That’ll show that squawker. 😉
  • He’s started up this whole “cry-and-whine-and-moan-when-grandma’s-not-holding-me” gig. Oh brother. He also will do this same act whilst crawling to the fridge. He know where da milk is.
  • The nose wipe is Olan’s worst enemy.
  • That hair. Out of control. What do I even do with the baby bowl?
  • He adores anyone who will sit and let him bounce. This is probably his favorite thing ever. I love it when I’m holding him and he gets excited, because he pumps his legs up and down. So stinkin’ cute!
  • He’s so different in the way that he loves to play on his own. He’s gonna be my toy man I think. Evie just wants our presence. Olan’s just gonna want the presents. Ha!
  • The kid does the splits like a boss, just like his sissy did at this age. Watch out Husky Olympic Gymnastics Team!
  • He’s got two bottom teeth, and one that just popped in on top. I’m pretty sure there are four on bottom… just so hard to tell!
  • He pounds down a nice warm bottle in 3 minutes flat.
  • O will do anything to get in the water.
  • He sleeps from 7:30pm-5am, and hopefully will get another hour in when you put the plug in. Great for school business hours, killin’ me this summer.
  • His stats are currently at 30 inches and a bit over 24 pounds, wearing 18 month threads.

Eep! It’s the last monthly O post until we move into our new place! Had to take a few of the kids on our beloved front porch. Tear. Enjoying these little loves so very much.

Our First Home Sweet Home

I knew from the very beginning this day would come: the day we would sell our first home. It is starting to get real as we’ve told our neighbors, the sign has appeared in our front yard, and we have begun to show our home, in hopes to find the perfect people to replace our memories here with their own.

The wonderful things I have loved…

  • Moving in nine years ago as newlyweds (literally, the day we got married). When we first bought this house, it was absolutely perfect for us. We thought we would probably love this place, and we have. We truly have enjoyed our time here. This has been such a solid home, more solid than I was even expecting. God has gifted us hugely by allowing us to stay in our Penn house for this long!
  • Man handling the wilderness of a backyard. The place was so overgrown with nothingness when we moved in, and I’m actually fairly proud to call it mine now. I recall growing my very own first garden here. I was so proud of those first fruits! We have learned so much about taking care of a yard in the time we’ve spent here. It’s been a good test run. Ha ha!
  • Spending lazy summer days in the shady backyard hammock. Honestly, I can’t even really remember what I did with my summers before Evie and Olan entered besides hammocking and reading and napping. What a life!
  • Bringing our babies home to this place. Evie actually gave a purpose to our second bedroom, and Olan, well, he made it so that bedroom needed to multiply itself. Ha! My kids learned how to crawl in this house. They lovingly coated our dining room floor with each and every food that has passed through their lips. We have read thousands of books in this living room. My girl has spent hours (literally) on the pot in her own little world, and even more hours imagining the sink as a waterfall of wonder, serving up countless pots of fresh tea and water cakes to anyone within earshot. Their little voices and heavy feet echo within the walls. This place will have an extra special spot in my heart because of my kids. I will carry these memories for them, since likely, they will not recall living here for themselves.
  • The way this house has helped me realize my love of hospitality, both in its charm and its limited space has been a gift from God. I love having people in my home! We have hosted so many get togethers, birthday parties, Bible studies, and the like here… I am glad this love has been able to flourish, and even more excited to expand our hospitable-ness in our new place, with extra space in the departments of living, bedrooms and basement.
  • The many faces of our versatile basement. It has gone from an awkward leaning tower of totes to an organized, well oiled machine. It’s been a workshop, a workout area, a photography studio, a laundry room, a pantry, a diaper washing factory, a sewing room, a closet, a playroom, an ironing board, a file keeper, a box collector, a sleepover pad during inclement weather, and a catch all for just about everything we own. You have done us well, basement. Bravo.
  • Our front porch. I will surely miss this dearly. Rocking like old folks out on our white rocking chairs, yeah, that’s us. A great place to hang in the cool of the morning or in the shade of the evening after kids are snoozing. Love.

I could keep on going with stuff like this, but I’ll spare you. Staring out at the “For Sale” sign in my front lawn this afternoon makes me feel a bunch of emotions. I’m ready to go, but I’m torn about leaving. I’m sad to leave, but I’m happy to go. I’m anxious to go, but I’m apprehensive about leaving. But among all of this, I am strangely peaceful. Possible freak out mode in the near future, but hey, what the heck? I’ll settle for peacefulness right now.

Onto our next adventure!


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