O: Month 10

Yo-O-O! This month, we’ve really started to see Olan brim with personality! This month has been full of things to remember:

  • He’s finally crawling full blast. Shut your toilet lids, put your breakables up high folks, here comes the tornad-O!
  • He loves his pat-a-cake. He just smiles and claps any time you start that oldie up. I think he’s starting to even “throw it in the oven” with me. Aww.
  • The guy still will not put anything in his mouth. He acts like food is a foreign contaminant when we try to get him to feed himself. The only thing he puts in his mouth is his toothbrush.
  • As soon as we set him at the table for dinner, he will squawk until fed. He’s getting the hang of the “more” sign, and he doesn’t get food until he gives the sign. That’ll show that squawker. 😉
  • He’s started up this whole “cry-and-whine-and-moan-when-grandma’s-not-holding-me” gig. Oh brother. He also will do this same act whilst crawling to the fridge. He know where da milk is.
  • The nose wipe is Olan’s worst enemy.
  • That hair. Out of control. What do I even do with the baby bowl?
  • He adores anyone who will sit and let him bounce. This is probably his favorite thing ever. I love it when I’m holding him and he gets excited, because he pumps his legs up and down. So stinkin’ cute!
  • He’s so different in the way that he loves to play on his own. He’s gonna be my toy man I think. Evie just wants our presence. Olan’s just gonna want the presents. Ha!
  • The kid does the splits like a boss, just like his sissy did at this age. Watch out Husky Olympic Gymnastics Team!
  • He’s got two bottom teeth, and one that just popped in on top. I’m pretty sure there are four on bottom… just so hard to tell!
  • He pounds down a nice warm bottle in 3 minutes flat.
  • O will do anything to get in the water.
  • He sleeps from 7:30pm-5am, and hopefully will get another hour in when you put the plug in. Great for school business hours, killin’ me this summer.
  • His stats are currently at 30 inches and a bit over 24 pounds, wearing 18 month threads.

Eep! It’s the last monthly O post until we move into our new place! Had to take a few of the kids on our beloved front porch. Tear. Enjoying these little loves so very much.

O: Month 9

Olie! Olie! Olie! Gosh. Bright blueberry eyes. Dashing smile. Best raspberry blower this side of the Mississippi. One little tooth jutting out from the south. Adorable.

Little Olan is a sweet, self-sufficient baby boy who loves digging through the toy box, I think he’s starting to enjoy reading books for a little longer now, his naps are evening out well, he’s a splasher already (he’s going to be trouble later), he loves his big sister (but gets pretty frustrated with her head hug attacks), and he rocks the pat-a-cake-ing. Looking out the window and being in the kitchen is soothing, he’s a real daddy’s boy, but loves smiling at his mom and bouncing with his grandmas!

He’s not crawling yet. My babies just aren’t real quick on the whole motor skills I guess. He eats a little less – 32 ounces of milk, but is eating a buncha table food now. He even has his own big boy plate! And a big boy he is. 18 month clothes and 20-some pounds. Chunky dude! His hair has the slightest hint of red, he loves to babble and squeal, and has the belly of a buddha.

Pure happiness.

Oh, and Evie is super cute too – I had to include my pretty girl at the end.

O: Month 7

Baby oh, baby. Baby O is on his way out of baby-ville and into his own little world of personality! I just adore this baby, no matter if he’s a baby anymore or not.

Our little buddy is sitting up, reaching for his favorite people, eating solid foods like a champ, and can turn his whole body around while on his belly. He’s also randomly giving us  #1 AND #2 signs with his fingers… a little odd! Toys are becoming more of a thing, and especially enjoys Evie and Daddy’s TinkerToy creations. He’s pretty chill – only whines when he’s bored or hungry. Dreamy dude!

He got a little haircut this month, might I add, and he looks quite dashing! I’m glad I took the plunge… it is much more manageable. No teeth yet. Om nom. He’s got the classic blueberry eyes that Evie has… I could just eat him up!

He just put on his first 18 month clothes for Easter, so it won’t be long before I head down and grab the next size up. Crazy growing weed! He weighed in at 21.5 pounds and 29 inches high… gettin’ up there! Eating 35 ounces plus the solids he eats… giving me a 5 ounce break has been niiiiice. Thank the Lord. For real.

This little tyke is my favorite boy!

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