Life in the Fast Lane

The point from January to April has been a bit of a blur. Starting new things, finishing old things, and keeping a steady pace of insanity all describe the last few months of my life.

I will say: God is good. In my chaotic mind, he is still good. And I am still having fun watching him show up in my mess.

April 21 marks the end of my Master’s program, folks. And oh, how I have truly enjoyed it. Cinching up our budget belt and spending a crap-load of money every 7 weeks on graduate level courses? Okay, fine. That’s not been my favorite thing ever. But seriously! I have felt so encouraged and challenged by the knowledge I have gained from these classes and for that, I am grateful. I have seen God stretch my time like he did during the battles of Gibeon thousands of years ago. I have witnessed my own understanding about poverty shift into a more compassionate one. God has given me a new perspective of people who are different than me, reminding me that he loves us all no matter what walk of life we have chosen. And that budget belt? I can only give God the glory for his provisions financially, as we move out of this program debt-free.

Onto a new chapter.

As much as I am relieved to close that chapter in my life, I have felt the pull to push toward a new one. I am super stoked to take another step in my education over the course of the next year! I have been accepted and I’m now enrolled in class, working toward being a Library Media Specialist!

For many years, I have asked myself, “What would I do if I didn’t teach?” To that I have answered in one of two ways. First, if I was dreaming and so much more talented, my job would totally be a musician. I just love playing the piano. And I love singing. But you probably didn’t know either of those things about me because, hey, let’s face it, God didn’t give me the gift of amazingness in these areas. Instead, he gave me the gift of averageness (in many more ways than just making music, actually). My gift of averageness in this life is something I have [mostly] embraced and learned to appreciate! The Lord has given me what I need, and not an ounce more. My averageness forces me to lean into Jesus, and that, my friends, is a blessing, even though sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

Anyway, the good news for me: when I’m in heaven, singing will be my full-time job. The ultimate promotion.

So, in the here and now reality, my answer to the question of what I’d do if I didn’t teach has always been to be a librarian. I love reading. I love kids (and people). I love talking to kids (and people) about reading. Librarian is a no-brainer. So that’s what I’d do with my life if I didn’t teach.

It turns out that librarians are ridiculously educated humans. On top of my Master’s degree, eighteen more hours of class and a licensure exam are required. So, here I go! I figured since the ball was already rolling on being in class, I might as well just snag those credits now. I have witnessed from the Lord a confirmation in so many ways through this process.

Again, I am grateful.

Still, I will seek Him.

For now, I’m pumped and so ready to enjoy the journey!



Evie’s Tumble

Old news: Evie received the first stitches in our Henry family history! Even though it happened a few weeks ago, documenting the occasion only seems natural, as it’s a big moment in anyone’s life. The juicy details are what kids will want to know later in life to be able to recall the tall tales to their friends, right? Where did that awesome battle scar come from? Well, Evie’s got a story in the making.

Actually, it wasn’t really valiant. As she was hanging out with my parents (who are tied with my in-laws as the greatest grandparents ever) one Friday afternoon, she came barreling out of the bathroom to jump on grandma’s lap. Her body bumped against the couch just enough to send her careening out-of-control-face-first-no-bracing-herself into the corner of the coffee table. Ay ay ay! Right on her cheek. So glad it wasn’t her eye, or her nose, or her teeth. Praise God for the miracle that is. Whew!

So yeah, I get a phone call while I’m doing my weekly grocery run to Aldi saying that Evie took a spill. We decided to meet each other at MedExpress as soon as I could get out of the store. Evie comes walking in with a band-aid on her face, happy as a lark. I thought maybe we’d be just fine, but the nurse practitioner, Todd, had other thoughts. Ha!

Now for my shameless plug for MedExpress. Great. Amazing. We’ve actually been seen by Todd before, and it’s been a WHILE. But Evie still talks about him and how he made an elephant come out of her ear, like, two years later. He is a kid whisperer. We have had great experiences each time we’ve been. Recommended!

Stitches were the prognosis. Oh what fun… I sure am glad I have a supermom for a mom. Evie was cool with everything until the Lidocaine shots came. She fa-lipped out. Like three people holding her down screaming bloody murder flipped out. Gee whilikers. Our prayers and God making her brave did not seem to faze the girl. She was literally shaking with fear. She was so T-Oed that this was happening to her. That whole process was the pits. I don’t blame her.

However, once we got through that, she was a peaceable girl. Todd did a fantastic job sewing up Evie’s face, and Evie did a top-notch job of becoming a statue while eight stitches were inserted into her cheek. I’m pretty certain she was doing it all for the candy bars that were promised to her by the stitcher-upper, but hey, it was kinda whatevs at that point. She also got a hand balloon (a latex glove blown up like a balloon). She likes to tell everyone about her loot even before she tells them she got stitches. Ha ha!

The next morning, she acted like nothing had happened. I’m not sure she would have said anything had I not mentioned it to her. It has healed quite well, I’m sure because of our prayers. I gave her no Tylenol for her pain except for the initial wound and for the night. That’s my tough girl!

The real fun was five days later when the stitches had to come out. Drama queen has arrived. Grandma B came over to slice those out and it was basically a repeat of Lidocaine moment. And soooo not as painful. Hoping for less traumatic experiences for her injury and health career. After much logic talk and God talk and bribe talk, Evie sat completely still and had each removed with very little problems. I can only attribute it to the peace of God washing over her. It was a lifesaver.

Now, yes, there’s a scar about four weeks out, but The Ordeal is over. Perhaps in a few months you won’t be able to tell she had stitches. Let’s hope!


O: 1.5 Years

Take your time, sweet boy. Keep taking your sweet time. Olan’s got a knack for a few new things as he hits this big mile marker in his little life. Golly, he’s just the best.

  • He’s WALKING finally! And I thought Evie was a slow walker! At nearly seventeen months, he decided that those long twiggy things could be helpful, and now he’s unstoppable.
  • He’s got the head nod down. A game changer in the communication realm.
  • Loves sitting on the trike while being pushed around. And looks freakin’ adorable with his helmet on too.
  • He wants his shoes on as soon as he wakes up. And not just any shoes, it’s gotta be his Nikes. Heaven help us.
  • His hair grows like a weed on top of his head!
  • He’s wearing 2T clothes. He’s gotta be pushing 30 pounds. The chubs on his cheeks… that cheek jiggle when he runs around is irresistibly cute. Mmm-mm!
  • Has been introduced to his current favorite stuffed dolls: Mickey Mouse and Corduroy. These have even ventured into the crib recently!
  • He loves his blanket… and the funny thing about it is that it’s a hand-me-down from Evie, complete with Strawberry Shortcake prints. He loves walking around with the minky side wrapped around his head. He’s so into all things soft and cozy and he’ll just cuddle up with this blanket in no time. So so so cute.
  • Working toward no pacifier. Got a ways to go.
  • Loves the outdoors. I cannot wait until summer when he can be outside more! If a door is left ajar, he is GONE. Beware!
  • He’s learning the ropes of ornery-ville. The naughty smirk is emerging.
  • Very much into his helicopters. We spotted a helicopter in the sky the other night on a walk, and he was enamored.
  • Books continue to be a favorite for Olan. Momma’s dream come true!
  • He understands so much of what we’re saying, it’s a little scary! 🙂
  • Has “uh-oh” down pat. He also likes to leave his mouth open wide when something surprising happens.
  • Cars. Enough said.
  • This dude is demanding when he’s hungry. Resilient little bugger. He will screech at you until you pick him up and feed the pie hole.
  • He’s giving legit hugs lately.
  • Every time he sees a kitty in a book, he goes in for a face hug. Whatever the obsession is, it’s stinkin’ cute.
  • It’s almost time to take the baby gate down. Almost.
  • He’s a decent picker-upper. Let’s keep that trend alive.

So proud that we get to call Olie ours! Isn’t he lovely? Happy half-way, man!

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