Summertime Girls (and Boys)

And our 2017 summer is in the books. Such happy memories. I had one of the best summers ever… although I was apprehensive about how it would go with two babies in the house this time. But I must say it has been amazing! Teacher life is pretty phenomenal. Here’s life for the past two months in pictures!

My cousin Megan and I at the library… she was a trooper all week and helped paint and remove wallpaper and all sorts of “fun” projects. Thank you, dear! Love you!

Grow Group Paint Partay! I wish we had a good one of the move in crew too. They were so great.

Evie loves helping. She had so much fun feeding Olan!

Hanging with cousin Ryan and Marley at SES – PJ, mac and cheese, and movie night while we worked worked on my classroom!

Surprise donuts at the new Carol Lee!

Evie and momma playing Guess Who? She ACTUALLY played! It was awesome!

Olie got to play with the shaving cream… since he won’t put anything in his mouth, it worked pretty well. Ha!

Our first picture in front of the Edward house! Yay! What an exciting day!

Evie’s getting into the beauty shop thing lately!

Water fun

Great Grandpa Robinson bein’ cray with my girl

Woody and the kiddies!

Great Grandma and Evie

Exploration Place!

King Olan and Queen Evie

Exploration Place!

Color baths are the next big thang.

Baking “cookies”

Assaria Zipline!

Sister Tara

Manhattan Splash River Thingy

Helping keep Grandma Henry’s yard alive while they were on vacation!

Evie and Tabor superhero dancing at Tammy Howe!

Got to spend some time with cousin Courtney!

My grandma and ME! Love.

Our Great Grandma and Great Woody visit!

I have a splits boy!

Botanica in Wichita!

Picking cherries! Those Peters friends of ours are awesome.

Evie and I built a solar oven and ate s’mores! Super awesome.

Our Wichita Anniversary Trip was spent with lots of friends! Yokohama with John and Rachel!

Sonic with sissy!

The family fun Tuesday event!

Evie loves floating in this kid area!

The Cove with Olie-pie!

Harvest with Great Grandma Peterson!

Spaghetti fun!

Swim lessons with teacher Barb!

Picking mulberries at Shelly and Nate’s

Jamie is officially done with radiation! We went and surprised her after her last treatment. Go Jamie, go!

Chick-fil-a with our daycare buds!

Holly and Ray came back and we got to do the Escape Room with them. We made it!

Evie got to sit in the dentist chair at my appointment! Woo.

Watering the parsley!

Evie chalking it up.

Assaria Park!

Our last picture at the Penn house together. Siiiigh.

Dress up!

Olan and his bath. He loves it!

Evie’s soap concoctions!

Aunt Lana taught Evs how to roll paint! She is a brave soul.

Evie loooooves to build.

Ninjas at Sonic.

Supporting our Jamie together on a Tuesday morning! Mom’s schedule makes it so she has every Tuesday off… it was awesome!

Olie having fun at the library!

Good old game night! Olan is really good at this game. Games at our house consist of getting out all the pieces and spreading them out everywhere. It’s really fun you should try it.

Evie really wanted to work on her Jeep with her dad in the garage.

Our first fruits of the garden!

Swinging at Penn

Harvest Memories

Some sweet times to remember in the field last night! Our little farmers had a ball helping Grandpa, Uncle Mike, and Great Grandpa Henry harvest some wheat… Evie learned how to “smash” the wheat and eat it, and Olan was content to hang out on the blanket with a piece of stubble for hours. We even got to enjoy some rhubarb pie and ice cream from Grandma Henry’s kitchen too! An absolutely perfect evening: eighty degrees, sunny, a tiny little breeze, and family. Love living in Kansas!

The Summer Post

Another summer is closing its doors on us… each day I’ve thought about how fast the hours go by. It’s sure fun to anticipate the future and in one respect, I’m thankful for things going quickly. But another part of me wishes the days could be a little slow. There may have been a day or two this summer where I felt bored or exasperated, but for the most part, we just had a bunch of fun! Our season of summer is something I cherish already, and I can foresee that over the years, it will become such a special time of growth and closeness with my family. I sure love teaching, and one huge perk is that I get to warp worlds — one tunnel leads to the stay at home world and the other tunnel to the working world. God has given me the gift of both!

Our summer in photos!


Taking care of our outside plants!


We read a LOT of books.


Daddy and Evie’s Saturday morning tradition has become 3D printing!


Fulfilling a momma’s craving for KFC


Uncle Steve and his banjo came to visit. Evie LOVED to dance and play!


“I’m a princess!”


Our first Date Box! Sushi and origami night. Very frustrating. But REALLY good! I was impressed with us.


Apprehensive about the sprinkler…


Shaving cream was a must-have.


2016 Summer harvest! In the tractor wheel.


Coloring became a new favorite.


First trip to the library!


Yes. Yes this is fun.


Hanging with Tabor!


Date night at Starbucks!


Memorial Day fun in the Jeep! Evie loves “flowers!”


Our McVay hang out!


Splash Park cool girl!


Making play dough with Grandma B!


Cousin Gus came to visit. They were the best of friends!


Henry Family harvesting!


Pool time with Grandma Henry. We drive by the pool now and Evie says, “Can I go, mommy? I’ll be brave!”


Our family!


Visited Great Grandma and Woody! The day was fun and filled with snacks and fun toys!




Saying farewell to my dear friend, Saki!


Christening baby bro’s bassinet


Celebratory donuts after passing my glucose test… Oh the irony!


I love cherry tomatoes!


July 4 in the park!


A date in Manhattan at Chick-fil-A and splash park.


Helping water grandma’s garden while they were on their Alaskan adventure


Evie’s first ice cream with a CONE!


Mr. Seim giving us a private petting zoo tour at the Tri Rivers Fair!


Silas and Evie’s first movie theater experience… The Peanuts Movie!


Saturday morning cartoons


Funnel Cake Party and Snapchat fun with Jade and James. Creepy.


More Manhattan Splash Park fun!


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