Catching Up

The fall. The summer. Lots of photos. Here they are. Figured I needed to cram this in before Christmas. Ha!

Adventures in Summerland

The sweat of summer feels like it has just begun, but in fact, summer is dwindling down to the end quicker than I can wipe it from my brow. Tomorrow marks the first day I am back at school. Excited to meet my next set of students, but sad to leave the best part of the year, when I can spend so much of my time with my babies. We didn’t go anywhere super special, but we still had the best time. Love that I can have the best of both worlds.

Here’s the snapshot (or a LOT of snapshots) of our summer break!

Evie and swimming lessons! It went SO much better than last year. We still have such a long ways to go (for those who swam with us this summer, you know what I’m sayin’), but I am glad to see progress!

We will surely miss our Kylie Bowling! Olan got to get in on the action this summer! Thank you Kylie for your generous time in such a whirlwind of a summer for you.

Olan’s first bit of ornery shining through. My insta caption: “Is this how they make Season-All?” 😉

Water games and lemonade popsicles with friends!

Three carseats in the CR-V! It’s a miracle! Heading to Lindsborg pool!

One of my favorite things about my summer break was interviewing my grandma. So many neat stories and things I never knew about her. Such a special time! Love you Grandma! Other grandparents – you’re next! 🙂

Blacksmith with some new friends this summer – Kalyn and Eva joined up with our Grow Group for the summer while on break from college. SO cool to be part of your journey, ladies!

Grandma and Grandpa’s new sand box. These kids love sand. It was a shame that it got washed away by the flood a few weeks from when this picture was taken. 😦 See photo below.

The Henrys had so much water. Wowza. Glad everyone was safe, and things are looking back to normal now! What a summer to remember.

Olie and Daddy in the combine. Olan’s happy place.

Harvest family night!

Harvesting other things besides wheat… The Peters were so gracious to let us pick their mulberries (and we got to pick cherries this year too!). This is becoming a beloved tradition every summer! Purple feet and mouths!

CrossPoint staff BBQ night was coupled with Logan’s birthday! We had fun watching the kids vs. Logan and Trail water fight in the backyard!

These two. Lydia and Olan are great friends!

Pitting cherries at the Baldwins!

Evie ran the cherry pitter non-stop! She was a trooper!

Our annual Manhattan riverwalk splash park! We actually got to go twice – once to visit Cole while the Jansens were here, and once with these lovely folks. Lucky!

At the beginning of summer, Evie was really into the “Puff the Magic Dragon” song. THANKS Aunt Tara! Ha. Anyway, Evie wanted to throw a Puff Party one day, so I went with it and did some dragonese food. Dragon’s tails, spit-fire, spikes, and dragon droppings. Ha ha! Evie decorated with signs and balloons! This girl and her party planning. Can’t wait to see how God uses that gift.

Got to hold Wrenley, FINALLY! And Lydia joined in with a baby doll too!

Our family and Grow Group got to run in the Festival race this year. I was incredibly proud of Evie. We thought we were signing up for a 1 mile run, so Evie could run it with us. Apparently, there’s only a 2 mile race. SOO. We went for it! She and I finished the 2 mile in something like 25 minutes. I gave her headphones to run with (Puff the Magic Dragon on repeat). I was shocked that she did zero complaining. We did a lot of “run to the _____” and take a walk break, but I was so happy to see her finish without acting like she was dying. I especially loved the end of the race. Everyone was cheering for her, and she just took off for the finish line! Love this girl!

Part of our Grow Group!

La familia! Thanks Janine, for pushing Olan, who would NOT come down from the train and get a picture!

Lauren’s birthday eve was spent staying up waaaay too late doing this amazing throwback puzzle. We finished it in one sitting!

Sky! Our kids absolutely loved this place this summer. That whole tot time is like the bomb diggety.

Quiet time with Silas and Evie one afternoon. Moon sand and Captain Underpants audiobook. They did this for about an hour!

This was a milestone for Evie’s summer I think. She got her very own LIBRARY CARD! And the first book to check out: Captain Underpants. Quality literature, folks. Lolol. She is obsessed with these. Glad we are getting through these NOW, instead of fourth grade. Ha ha. And all the parents said, “Amen!”

Evie got to ride on a motorcycle around the driveway!

Collecting berries with Anna. Favorite Grow Group friend!

Family Jeep ride!

Lots of outdoor days. Water beads in the water table were a hit!

READING with my girl. BEST THING.

Grandma Henry visit!

Evie got to paint her own nails for the first time at our house! She did a decent job!

Olan had a big week at the end of the summer. He had an inguinal hernia repair surgery. Scary for this momma. But he did great. I was flabbergasted to watch him almost not skip a beat. He spent the first eight hours laying around, but that evening, he was outside running around playing baseball. Ridiculous. Luckily and surprisingly, Dr. Rupe said no restrictions, so I could rest at ease a little bit knowing it was normal. The surgery itself was about an hour long thing. He was so brave, and when it was time to wheel him back to the chopping block, he sat up in his bed and with wide, curious eyes he took in all the sights, never looking back. He woke up a bit crabby, but nothing like I pictured. I can attribute this to the prayers of the people around us. I had so many texts and messages from people checking in and praying for us. However “minor” surgery it was, it still puts life into perspective pretty darn quick. Praise God for a great result.

This happened too. DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE! And now on to librarian school.


Thundercake making!

And the result!

Something that we all think is super disgusting that Evie loves: combining cottage cheese and applesauce. Blerg!

Super pumped to have gotten back into playing keys at CrossPoint. Even though it won’t be often, still honored to be able to serve and worship in this way!

All the feels.

Evie was over the moon when a butterfly landed on her finger at the park!

Our Lindsborg buddies! Picnicking at the park after the pool!

Family. So nice to be all together in one place!

My baby’s squishy face. And his usual summer getup: diaper only.

Evie’s first backyard campout! She LOVED it. Thank you, Logan, for making this a thing. It was so special to our little lady.

Another memorable event: my nephew, Silas, was bitten by a copperhead snake. Another shout out to the Lord: he made a full recovery!

Science experiment!

These two are just adorable! Olan and Lydia!

My father-in-law turned 60 years young! Ask him about his red suspenders sometime. Happy birthday Chuck! Love ya!

Evie’s newfound love: baby toads. All this water has made these fellas prevalent at the Henry’s house! Flyster, Bugster, Toadster… all sorts of creative names.

Evie found the teenage version of Simba and Stripes at the Trollslandia toy story in Lindsborg!

My babies love to build. Forts, tracks, gadgets. They are their father’s children.

The chicken coop park in Assaria!

Jade’s puppies were ADORABLE! Evie and her animals. Where did this come from?!

Our Parents as Teachers friend, Joy, shaking up some pudding with the kiddies this summer! She is awesome! I so appreciate all the great things I have gained from our friendship, Joy!

My cousin from KC made a few visits to Salina this summer! Love this girl. We even got a “date” night out – Logan volunteered himself to hang with our four kids while we went out on the town. This is another one of my favorite memories of the summer! Good chats. Friends for life!

Another visit to SKY!

Painting at Grandma Baldwin’s!

Painting with our Grow Group at the Rescue Mission!

More of that.

Sweet sleepy baby girl.

We celebrated 11 years of matrimony this summer! Funny to think we were in the exact same location on our wedding day and on June 28, 2019. Had fun kicking it at Unite Salina as part of our date!

This represents a few things we didn’t get pictures of. First off, our neighborhood BBQ we hosted this year! Our lovely neighbors, Cheri and Kerry made some amazing cupcakes (lemon and s’mores). It was such a great evening! Secondly, Janine made surprise cupcakes for Chuck’s 60th birthday party. Yuuum. Third, these were all left with us. Dangerous. So we celebrated Trail’s birthday with a game night and a menagerie of cupcakes! Yay for fun events and delicious dishes!

Random Tropical Sno!

One of the summer projects we embarked on this summer. Ugh. Ripping out the four huge, gnarly bushes in our front yard. This was a crapton of work. Thank you Logan for tackling it. I helped. So did Olan. Evie did not. LOL. Happy to report its completedness!

Olan and his heavy machinery.

Lots of nights like this. What a mild summer the beginning was!

The sandbox momma-to-be! Ha ha!

Sonic. Who knew we’d only be ten minutes worth of walking away from friends and ice cream treats?

Going to haul some dirt home for our dirt work! Everyone’s excited!

Planting seeds. Look at that baby garden!

Snuggles with Aunt Holly!

Our Manhattan excursion. Got to run around Old Stadium at KSU for a bit! Nostalgia.

Early birthday shoes from Grandma Henry!

Went to the fair’s carnival for the first time. A hit for all! Olan got to ride on this airplane and a motorcycle ride. He was in heaven!

Grandma and Grandpa took the kids to the rodeo!

Evie’s so gung-ho about animals right now. She loved the petting zoo probably more than she loved the ferris wheel!

July 4!

It’s July 12. Oh well. Here is our July 4 fun in photos!

Evie and I got creative with her fingernails… Holiday themed! I was actually pretty proud of them. Evie loved the American flag one! Sweet girl.

These two love each other so very much.

Evie and Olan wanted to craft with some July 4 themed cards. We only got one done. LOL.

Eets a race!

This took a lot of work to conjure.

Momma and Pal

Ain’t we festive?

Okay, so badminton. This was really fun! Everyone got in on the action, young and “old” alike!

My sweet sissy’s family.

Had a helicopter toy or two go on the roof. Send the old man up there to get ’em.

These are the coolest toys!

Max and Mom!

Evie gave out free tricycle rides, at least to cousin Marley!

I like this lady.

My cousin Megan and her mini me!

As if we needed more than homemade ice cream.

My safe girl. Tricycles and ear protection.

So much history with my FarCuz!

Olan says, “CHEEEEEP!” when a picture is being taken.

We are in the awkward smile phase.

Watch out world.

Cousin Dave and Maxine joined us!

Megan and Barry on the sidelines!

We ate well. Steaks!

Just a swinging.

Our Grow Group reunited for a July 3 party!

July 3 fireworks show, brought to us by Thommas and Eric!

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