We’re All Equal!

Reading Max Lucado’s In the Grip of Grace…  and this idea that God has no scale to sin, that no one is worse than anyone else, has always plagued me as something difficult to grasp. My world tends to size people up by how much good or evil they do, while God looks as us all the same. In God’s eyes, there is an equality of sin. No one sin is any worse than the other. This excerpt gave me a better picture of how God views us and our behavior.

“Suppose God simplified matters and reduced the Bible to one command: Thou must jump so high in the air that you touch the moon. No need to love your neighbor or pray or follow Jesus; just touch the moon by virtue of a jump, and you’ll be saved.

It's a waxing gibbous!

We’d never make it. There may be a few who jump three or four feet, even fewer who jump five or six; but compared to the distance we have to go, no one gets very far. Though you may jump six inches higher than I do, it’s scarcely reason to boast.

Now, God hasn’t called us to touch the moon, but he might has well have. He said, “You must be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect” (Matthew 5:48). None of us can meet God’s standard. As a result, none of us deserves to don the robe and stand behind the bench and judge others. Why? We aren’t good enough. Jeffery Dahmer may jump six inches, and you may jump six feet, but compared to the 230,000 miles that remain, who can boast?

The thought of it is almost comical. We who jump three feet look at the fellow who jumped one inch and say, “What a lousy jump.” Why do we engage in such accusations? It’s a ploy. As long as I am thinking of your weaknesses, then I don’t have to think about mine. As long as I am looking at your puny jump, then I don’t have to be honest about my own. I’m like the man who went to see the psychiatrist with a turtle on his head and a strip of bacon dangling from each ear and said, “I’m here to talk to you about my brother.””

This passage from chapter 4 helps me have a clearer image of my sin compared to someone else’s. In the big picture, there’s no difference. We all miss the mark of “jumping to the moon.” That is why this idea of God’s grace (grace, meaning an unmerited gift) is so amazing! We have no hope of achieving perfection aside from God. The gratefulness I feel in response to that gift is enormous! Thank you Jesus for making a way for me.

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