Virginiacation on July 4!

After getting back from North Carolina, we (Tara, Ryan, Logan and I) went to Kroger to buy some fried chicken and other yummy summer food for our party! We were reunited with our Wallering amigos (and Jameson) at the Liberty Dormitories! There, we did a little tailgating and firecracking, and also did a lot of picture taking with some stuttery sparklers and a flashlight. Actually, the fireworks deserve a little bit of recognition here…

We bought fireworks at a stand on our way back from NC, and boy were they overpriced! I would think they were probably double what you buy fireworks for in Kansas. And… they apparently don’t sell any booming works in the area, so this was literally a snakes-and-sparklers kind of a stand.  Prit-ty coo-ol. We ended up buying a package of shower-emitting fireworks and some sparklers and hoping for the best. I was excited for sparklers because we can make cool pictures with them. Except when they short out half way through the stick. Then you can’t do anything fun with them. But, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you can use a flashlight for some oh-so-fun snapshots too. That was our plan B. Yippee!

On the bright side, we really had a great time celebrating our independence in one of the oldest states in our country!

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