Tres Trips To Texas

Spring break is here again, and we’ve got a pretty decent thang going the last three years in heading south to spend the week with our Waller buddies. We weren’t sure if this year it was going to work out with some important appointments this week, but we decided sorta last minute to make it a reality to head down to Texas! With Jason and Lauren having a new baby a few months ago, and knowing it would be this summer before we’d see them and meet their sweet Ruth (who knows if it will be all of us together even then!), it was worth it to make it work. No regrets!

We hopped in the car on Saturday after a crazy week at school and a million hours of packing the night before, and made it for dinner and the KU game that night. Pork butt and catch up time made our evening full, and with Sunday morning booked with churchy things, we finally got to relax a bit that afternoon and evening. I love how each of our family members can just pick up where we left off with these friends. Glad to get some quality time with Lauren amidst the cooking and such. Long distance is just not quite the same.

By day, we made some time to get out to the Botanic Gardens in downtown Fort Worth (DSLR photos courtesy of Lauren and the lovely garden backdrop), ate out at Rodeo Goat, and skipped back home for a neighborhood Easter egg hunt and backyard play time. The guys enjoyed an evening out at Top Golf, and the girls got after it at the Tanger Outlets one morning. The kids just plaaaayed. Games, trampoline, water, sand, dinos, shows, reading, snacks, bone-shakers (who knows?). Olan loved to give baby Ruthie hugs and he also discovered the next phase of toys that the big boys are playing with these days. Real looking dinosaurs, trucks, and helicopters, what!? Evie, Hudson, and Nolan just loved playing together. Evs is now suddenly into PJ Masks. She loves people.

By night, Rack-O, Hedbandz, Phase 10. Our evenings consisted of games, along with snacks and 90’s music reminiscing and cutting up together. We watched Wonder on our last night there while the guys talked video and nerdy stuff.

Wednesday morning, we had another wonderful meal made by Mrs. Waller and said our goodbyes. We loved our time together, friends! Thank you so much for housing us and taking such good care of your guests. You are rockstars.

As for the traveling, our children were honestly angels for the road time (about 8 hours when it’s all said and done). Evie’s been really into audiobooks on trips, and enjoyed hearing the woes of Amelia Bedelia via Hoopla this year. Olan played with his helicopter and sucked on a pacifier forever. Thankful to get some quality time with my family and basicallyfamily. God was good when he made us for community!

Texas Trippin’

Spring break! A week we’ve been looking forward to for many reasons… but mostly because we got to visit our lovely friends, the Wallers! EEEEEK! It’s only been two or three months since they moved to Keller, but sheesh, we’ve missed them like crazy. So thankful we had the time in our schedule to spend four days of our break with some real gems. We didn’t do a ton of crazy sightseeing, the weather wasn’t perfect, and my kid wouldn’t sleep worth a darn, but it was so worth it! I loved being able to just live life with them for a few days, catch up, and see what they’ve been up to. Our days went fast, but good memories were made:

  • Amazing food. Lauren is such a good cook.  And Jason’s cold brew coffee saved my life. I don’t even remember the last time I stayed up until midnight or made it through a movie. Dewd.
  • Lots of basketball. Anyone who knows the Henrys knows that we don’t really get into sports much and the Wallers, well, do. For whatever reason, I joined up with my dad’s bracket group this year and so the competitive spirit in me came out. I actually enjoyed keeping up with the games and like, you know, caring. Basketball was the perfect thing to have on in the background whilst chilling together. And, just saying, my bracket did hit the number one spot in the group a few times.
  • Girl time and guy time. One of my goals on the trip was to get to go out and shop at a sweet mall with Lauren. Spring break made for busy stores, but we both found some great deals and updates to our wardrobes. I also found a dress for Holly’s wedding! Woo! And Evie’s flower girl shoes. Mission accomplished! We got to eat lunch at a place called Torchy’s Tacos. These tacos were to freaking die for. Lauren’s first extended (six hour) time away from the house without kids in a year… probably the best time of the trip for me! The guys went out after we got home… they were jealous so they had to go to Torchy’s as well. They hit up Guitar Center and probably some other stuff. Good times! After the kids sacked out, we watched The Martian. I liked!
  • Our kiddies did a lot of hanging out in the house since it was pretty cold. We went to a nearby park, went on a short walk to see a peacock, traveled to an indoor play area, went to a city wide easter egg hunt, and stopped by a cute little candy shop during our stay. But Evie sure enjoyed her Huddy time! Not sure if any of his car playing business rubbed off on her, and also not sure that Hudson was really very into make-believing with dollies either. They sure loved being superheroes together in their undies though! And now Evie growls at me. Thanks, Huddy, thanks.
  • The last night we went to Roanoke and had an amazing dinner at Reno Red’s. Chicken fried steak, fried okra, banderos, ribs, and cornbread. Yes plz.
  • Church at The Mount was the next morning. It was neat to see their new place of ministry, and being able to hear from the Lord during the service was an encouragement to my heart. Shortly after that, we walked back to their home and started packing the truck up. Saying goodbye will probably always be difficult. I made it to the truck without losing it, ha ha!

Thank you so much for a wonderful time together and showing us such grace with your hospitality. May we meet up with you again soon, dear friends!


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Farewell Friends

January marks the first month of our best friends’ new adventure. Over the last two or three months, we’ve been slowly saying good-bye to some of our dearest friends, Lauren and Jason. I have to be honest, I’ve hated it. I can’t rightly explain how much these two have impacted our lives for good. Incredibly grateful to Jesus for giving us great gifts, but man, I’m learning all over again that it’s just freaking hard to share something you reeaaalllly want to keep for yourself. Cheers to these folks as they follow the Lord in a new place, giving us the opportunity to grow deeper and further in our own walk back home.

I was originally just planning to post some pictures of our last family photo shoot swap in October, but then I had a better idea! I started digging out some of our highlight photos from over the years… It’s been entertaining to look back on all our good times! Grateful for our friendship. Love you guys!

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