Da Fam

My ever-talented Texas amiga, Lauren, took some fam photos while we visited. So glad she did, because we didn’t get any family Easter photos! Easter outfits are overrated anyway… Many thanks to Lauren Waller Photography for your skillz. We sure love you!

The Henry Family this spring! Evie is entering the goofier-than-all-get-out-forced-smile phase while Olan is in the catch-me-if-you-can-I’m-a-gingerbread-man phase, so it makes for some very raw, natural photos. I like it! It’s just us right now, and that’s that. Love these three humans pretty hardcore!

Tres Trips To Texas

Spring break is here again, and we’ve got a pretty decent thang going the last three years in heading south to spend the week with our Waller buddies. We weren’t sure if this year it was going to work out with some important appointments this week, but we decided sorta last minute to make it a reality to head down to Texas! With Jason and Lauren having a new baby a few months ago, and knowing it would be this summer before we’d see them and meet their sweet Ruth (who knows if it will be all of us together even then!), it was worth it to make it work. No regrets!

We hopped in the car on Saturday after a crazy week at school and a million hours of packing the night before, and made it for dinner and the KU game that night. Pork butt and catch up time made our evening full, and with Sunday morning booked with churchy things, we finally got to relax a bit that afternoon and evening. I love how each of our family members can just pick up where we left off with these friends. Glad to get some quality time with Lauren amidst the cooking and such. Long distance is just not quite the same.

By day, we made some time to get out to the Botanic Gardens in downtown Fort Worth (DSLR photos courtesy of Lauren and the lovely garden backdrop), ate out at Rodeo Goat, and skipped back home for a neighborhood Easter egg hunt and backyard play time. The guys enjoyed an evening out at Top Golf, and the girls got after it at the Tanger Outlets one morning. The kids just plaaaayed. Games, trampoline, water, sand, dinos, shows, reading, snacks, bone-shakers (who knows?). Olan loved to give baby Ruthie hugs and he also discovered the next phase of toys that the big boys are playing with these days. Real looking dinosaurs, trucks, and helicopters, what!? Evie, Hudson, and Nolan just loved playing together. Evs is now suddenly into PJ Masks. She loves people.

By night, Rack-O, Hedbandz, Phase 10. Our evenings consisted of games, along with snacks and 90’s music reminiscing and cutting up together. We watched Wonder on our last night there while the guys talked video and nerdy stuff.

Wednesday morning, we had another wonderful meal made by Mrs. Waller and said our goodbyes. We loved our time together, friends! Thank you so much for housing us and taking such good care of your guests. You are rockstars.

As for the traveling, our children were honestly angels for the road time (about 8 hours when it’s all said and done). Evie’s been really into audiobooks on trips, and enjoyed hearing the woes of Amelia Bedelia via Hoopla this year. Olan played with his helicopter and sucked on a pacifier forever. Thankful to get some quality time with my family and basicallyfamily. God was good when he made us for community!

Texas Year Two

Golly gee, I miss my friends. Texas isn’t that far, but it’s far enough away to not take trips that often, and with two children, a six hour drive becomes 8-10 hours pretty easily. So our trip down south might just be a yearly one, but it sure is cool that we can just pick up where we left off with our Waller buds and have a ball together anyway!

We started off our time on Saturday evening with dinner (did I mention that my friend is a dinner connoisseur? Every meal is something to write home about), and playing outside. I love how our kids play so well together. Very little drama! Those little boys even love hanging with Olan! Sunday was church and chilling out, watching KU dominate.

Monday was the guys’ day out (Gather coffee, Babe’s and Home Depot… wow) while the ladies took the kiddies to the Fort Worth Zoo. We also went out and did a photo shoot of our family, courtesy of my talented photographer friend. They might just be my favorite photos ever.

Tuesday Lauren and I got to paint the town by seeing Beauty and the Beast (what a delight!), eating at Torchy’s Tacos, and shopping. That night we actually hired a babysitter for the children and all four of us hit up a place called Taverna Rossa for pizza and then stopped at Gigi’s Cupcakes for dessert. We even got to peruse a kitchen specialty shop before heading home to get the kids ready for bed! I scored some new dish towels and a set of metal measuring cups. Excitement, folks. Gotta treat yo’self.

Wednesday Jason and Logan headed to work (it was take a friend to work day.. ha ha) and they worked on their new stage backdrop until nightfall. Lauren and I packed up the kids and went to the park and the library and back home for naps. That night we did a puzzle and watched Nacho Libre for nostalgia’s sake, and finally finished at midnight!

We got to do a bunch of things, but Logan and I both agreed that the sweetest times were when the kids were peacefully sleeping and we were just hanging out, playing games (lots of dominos and Rack-o), drinking coffee, chatting, and cutting up together. Oh, the good old days!

Thanks for the vacation hot spot, friends. We treasured our time with you!

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