Evie’s First Day of Kindergarten!

Evie got to experience something we’ve been talking about for what seems like a thousand days… kindergarten! She was so excited about being a big kid at Southeast. She kept saying, “WOW, I CANNOT believe I’m in KINDERGARTEN!” Adorable.

Her teacher, Mrs. Trimmell, made her feel right at home. Evie got to be the star student today too (because of her birthday)! She had a great day. After school, she gave me a big hug and did not want to let go. Oh baby girl, I could hug you forever. So thankful for this one. Evie, may your experience during your school years be full of adventure, growth, and good clean fun, girl!

Dinners with Chillin’s

Aww shucks. These friends are just so much fun. This marks my fourth year of Grade 6 Dinner Parties! Loved serving this crew dinner and laughing together last week… a much needed happy break from what the world’s been offering lately. I’m about to blink April and May away and then these special people will be all grown up in junior high. So excited to see what you all become! Thank you for some sweet memories, y’all. Love ya!

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