Mother’s Day Hike

I am a hiker. My husband is a biker (and I’m talking more of a motorcycle biker…). So we don’t jive the greatest when it comes to taking nature walks. But this year, my Mother’s Day gift was for one free hike!

So! I cashed in my coupon on the most perfect evening when the wind was barely breezing, the sun was fully shining, the air was just above jacket worthy, and the kids were looking for an adventure.

We went out to the Marty Bender Nature Area, and I’ll tell ya what! We were so impressed! It was a lovely 2.8 mile trail leading me through places I would not have pictured in Kansas. We both were reminded of our various places we’ve been: Konza, our St. Louis hike (minus the complaining children!) and even the Texas wilderness. The trail takes you through prairie land, as well as through wooded areas nestled along the Smoky Hill River. We climbed some hills. We looked over cliffs. We ate our picnic dinner on the highest point overlooking several shining ponds and farmland. It was a perfect night.

One of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts yet!

Dia de Madres

It’s kinda neat being a mom. There’s this day called Mother’s Day that I get to be apart of in the Mom Club. Last weekend was the end of one of the most hectic weeks ever. So glad I got to end such a crazy time with my family! We went to Wichita to celebrate our friend Rachel and cousin John’s wedding at a place called Bartlett Arboretum. It was fantastically up my alley with trees, flowers, rivers, gazebos, walking paths, hideaway sitting areas, and beautiful weather. It was the ideal place for a wedding. I should have been married there. Shewt.

Anyway, we came home, aired up Evie’s swimming pool and went for a first time swimming dip. Um. Can’t wait for summer. It’s going to be the bomb being home with Evie!

On Sunday, the day of mothers, we had my mommy (and daddy) over for a Mother’s Day dinner. I felt like it was my birthday party… I got about as many gifts! Our daycare girl, Jamie, facilitated Evie as she created my Mother’s Day gift, a cute little canvas of her handprints with a heart melting little saying on it. So sweet! Evie also gave me a baby bike helmet, and Logan bought a bicycle trailer for the Trek! This, my friends, makes me jump up and down! Now our baby can go on bike rides with us in her own personal little bike chariot, complete with a neon orange flag. Dude.

Life is good!

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