Kindergarten’s a Wrap!

My girl has graduated from Kindergarten! What a year. From the start, 2019-2020 has been a wild ride, and for Evie, it was no different. The abrupt date change of the first day of school, losing her first tooth on her 6th birthday, getting a mysterious rash all over her body, being brand new at mom’s school, her birthday party… and all that happened within the first week! Ha.

Aside from all the crazy, Evie has been stretched this year in many ways. I’ve seen her blossom emotionally this year. Spiritually, she chose to follow Jesus this year (!!)! I’ve seen her branch out from her comfort zone in friendships this year. I’ve seen her confidence build this year. I’ve seen independence grow in her this year. It’s been a challenge, but I sure am glad to see my baby girl grow. There is still much to be learned, but she is eager to do so. Evie has loved her experience at school, and for that I am so grateful.

Mrs. Trimmell, thank you for being Evie’s kindergarten teacher! You love your students so fiercely! Thank you for loving Evie unconditionally and working tirelessly to give her every opportunity for success in such a pivotal time in her life. Thank you for the encouragement and advice for me along the way as well. You are a gem!

Evie, I am incredibly proud to be your mom! Keep on shining, girl. You are smart and funny and cute and lovable and huggable and kissable and squeezable and… muah!

Congratulations on finishing year one! No matter what life brings, I love you, my sweet Eva!

Evie’s First Day of Kindergarten!

Evie got to experience something we’ve been talking about for what seems like a thousand days… kindergarten! She was so excited about being a big kid at Southeast. She kept saying, “WOW, I CANNOT believe I’m in KINDERGARTEN!” Adorable.

Her teacher, Mrs. Trimmell, made her feel right at home. Evie got to be the star student today too (because of her birthday)! She had a great day. After school, she gave me a big hug and did not want to let go. Oh baby girl, I could hug you forever. So thankful for this one. Evie, may your experience during your school years be full of adventure, growth, and good clean fun, girl!

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