Farewell Friends

January marks the first month of our best friends’ new adventure. Over the last two or three months, we’ve been slowly saying good-bye to some of our dearest friends, Lauren and Jason. I have to be honest, I’ve hated it. I can’t rightly explain how much these two have impacted our lives for good. Incredibly grateful to Jesus for giving us great gifts, but man, I’m learning all over again that it’s just freaking hard to share something you reeaaalllly want to keep for yourself. Cheers to these folks as they follow the Lord in a new place, giving us the opportunity to grow deeper and further in our own walk back home.

I was originally just planning to post some pictures of our last family photo shoot swap in October, but then I had a better idea! I started digging out some of our highlight photos from over the years… It’s been entertaining to look back on all our good times! Grateful for our friendship. Love you guys!

Family Photo Shoot Swap

What’s better than paying someone to take your family photos? Well I’ll tell you, it’s not paying someone to take your family photos, but still getting them done. Here’s our annual family photo shoot swap with the Wallers!

CFOP7884 HKKY6277 IMG_4357 IMG_4387 IMG_4395 IMG_4513

YHNQ6572 IMG_8442 IMG_8472 IMG_8495 IMG_8516 IMG_8545 IMG_8616



Favorite Friends

There’s really not much that is better than having your best buddy live in the same town as you! These two are pretty stinking sweet, and especially together! We sure had a great summer hanging with Silas and Tara… we love you!

IMG_4371 IMG_4382 IMG_4421 IMG_4427 IMG_4468 IMG_4480

IMG_4359 IMG_4529


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