Birthday Parties!

Birthday Whirlwind.

Evie turned 6 on August 16, and we celebrated the next day with a campout party in our backyard! Complete with a weenie roast and trail mix bar, we had such a good time partying with a full house of folks.

Olan turned 3 on September 20, but since Fall Conference is always that same weekend, we got to celebrate a weekend later! We partied it up with a donut themed shindig at our home, with just close family. It was lovely. A perfect, overcast, chilly fall day.

Both events were so much fun. I love parties. I love my babies. Life is good. Enjoy the media from the days!

Love all the decorations borrowed from a friend! Beautiful!

Trail mix bar

Our lovely neighbor, Cheri made these for us! Little campfire cupcakes!

Cousins Josie, Reagan, and Zack with Evie

Friends Payton and Tabor came along to party!

Great Grandma and Evie – one of my favs!

The marble galaxy that Uncle Cole got for Evie was and STILL is a hit! Evie is a builder!

My sweet excited six year old!

Evie got a coding robot from her Baldwin grandparents. She thinks it is so fun! She also got the Kiwi Crate subscription from her Henry grandparents. My, she LOVES seeing those arrive on our front porch! This month’s was a disc shooter build. Legit.

We got rained out of the REAL camp out, but we moved the tent inside and slept in the basement! We all got great sleep, surprisingly! Silas, Evie and I were sleeping on the wild side!


The easiest cake ever.

I made a donut pinata this summer in hopes to save a few bucks. It was fun! It would have been more fun if it didn’t take like 8 hours. Ha!

Get it!

Silas and Evie smacked the crap (candy) out of it after like 10 minutes of beating on it. I make my pinatas the highest of quality, what can I say?


Hadley is 3!

Year three for Hadley Shamburg… what a deal. Here’s the deal people, she’s adorable. She’s three. And she LOVES her momma! Happy birthday, girl!

The Third Milestone

Evie has been asking nonstop, “Am I three yet, mommy?” Finally, she’s arrived! For whatever reason, she had decided that she was not big until she turned three… so we officially have a big girl in the house now! She desperately wants to be big just like her mommy and daddy! Here’s my brag list: the things she does at three! (Again, this list is mostly for ME a few years from now, doubtful you care too terribly much about my daughter’s everyday tasks! Go ahead, just look at the pictures at this point!)

  • Puts her dirty clothes in the laundry basket
  • Puts her own pants on
  • No more diapers! (We still have to tell her to go potty. Wishing this was further along!)
  • Descends and ascends stairs alone
  • Eats really slowly, but very well!
  • Stays relatively clean at meal times (we’ve finally done away with the bibs)
  • Is very perceptive
  • Asks a question instead of demanding, “I want…”
  • Memorizes Scripture (I recommend I Can Learn the Bible)
  • Pulls up her own covers (can also make her own bed with coaching)
  • Opens the refrigerator, front door and back door without help
  • Knows most of her letters and the sounds they make (and can even give a word that starts with the letter many times!)
  • Counts to 15 (20 on a good day)
  • Loves games (or just the pieces of games…)
  • Lets me know that little brother is getting really big in my belly (and asks every day if he’s ready to come out)
  • Can tell what hour it is (“It’s 7:00! It’s time to get out of bed!”)
  • Gets out of bed a lot
  • Loves to have her nails painted
  • Adores the water (much different from the last list I made!)
  • Plays in her kitchen often
  • Sings lots of songs (loves to make up her own lyrics to familiar melodies and is always humming a tune)
  • Draws circles and faces with eyes, ears, nose, and mouth
  • Can emulate writing her name (I write an E, she writes an “E”)
  • Likes to practice using scissors
  • Plays “I Spy” and “Hide-and-seek”
  • Loves being outside and running around
  • Loves finding sticks, rocks and bugs on the ground
  • Drinks all her milk to have reeeeaaaallly strong bones
  • Climbs in and out of her booster seat on her own
  • Washes her hands and face on her own
  • Loves to read the same books over and over again
  • Snuggles in her big girl bed even when it’s not time for bed (loves wrapping up in blankets)
  • Remembers things from days and weeks ago
  • Will rarely be caught without Mamadoo the dolly. Her favorite thing to do is fling her babies and stars into the sky!
  • Is beginning to listen, make the wise choice, and obey (it is only the beginning… some days I’m pretty sure she hasn’t made any progress. Argh.)
  • Will watch a whole movie and loves watching “Saturday morning cartoons” (Daniel Tiger, Peppa Pig, Curious George, Super Why!)
  • Loves all things miniature

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