Family Photo Shoot Swap

What’s better than paying someone to take your family photos? Well I’ll tell you, it’s not paying someone to take your family photos, but still getting them done. Here’s our annual family photo shoot swap with the Wallers!

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The Baldwin Collective Family Photos

Family photos. We’ve been meaning to get these done for like a year or something. FINALLY! I present to you: The Baldwin Family Photos! Thanks to Lauren for shooting, reshooting, braving the freezing cold weather with us, and generally being a good sport for this long anticipated shoot!

IMG_5297 IMG_5315 IMG_5341 IMG_5364 IMG_5489 IMG_5529 IMG_5568 IMG_5624 IMG_5643


Christmas has come and gone… we had a full and festive one! This is the first year in a long time that Tara and Ryan have lived in the same town as us! Yee haw! Throughout the season, one of my favorite things we do as a family is our Advent reading calendar. Evie loves it because she gets a treat while we read. I love it because it helps me focus the season on Jesus. It’s so cool that we do all this celebrating, decorating, tradition making, gift gifting, candy making, and family partying because of him. Relient K has some legit lyrics: “I celebrate the day that you were born to die, so that one day I might pray for you to save my life.” I posted this in our home over the season just to remind myself that I have reason to celebrate.

Anyways. Here’s a documentation of our season’s celebrations! Again, these blogs, they really aren’t for you. They’re for me! I have already thoroughly enjoyed looking back at what life was like four years ago. So don’t feel like you have to read every bit of this. At this point, you can go enjoy the pictures at the bottom! Ha!

My students and I kicked off the celebration at school by having my annual Christmas candy making party… it was so much fun and probably went the smoothest it ever has. No ceased chocolate, no powdered sugar spills, no burned fingers. Just good old fashioned fun. My sister and my mom and I also did a little candy making too a few weeks before break. Fatty. Patty.

Evie and Silas sure had a ball at the Parents as Teachers Meet Santa event. I got super lucky this year – we had a “snow” day on the morning they scheduled the Santa party! We usually miss it since it’s on a weekday morning. She loved riding the train, and even gave Santa a high five!

Then on the eve before Christmas Eve, The Baldwin slumber party happened. Something you don’t think about when your family all lives in the same town is that you miss out on some late night and early morning fun together! So we decided to fix that by spending the night at mom and dad’s. We had our “adult” Christmas exchange (we got a Shark vacuum!) and played a new game (Say Anything) that night after the kids went to bed. Even though we had to whisper laugh and tiptoe around the house, we had a blast. In the morning, we had some delicious breakfast and did the grandkid Christmas fun. This was the first year that Evie and Silas actually understood how this whole deal works. How fun to see them independently opening presents and wanting to play with everything! She got some fun stuff – a new Bible, a hairstyling kit, magnetic dress up dolls, and a big bounce-a-roo ball!

Christmas Eve was pretty low key, and we spent the evening at the CrossPoint Christmas Eve service, eating chili and looking at Christmas lights with Evie’s new beau (that James Ward has stolen my kid’s heart). Early to bed in anticipation of Christmas Day!

In the morning, Evie slept until like 8:15! We had to go in and wake her up, that little goof! Evie received her dolly bunk beds made by her great-grandpa Baldwin before he passed away, Logan got his coveted Ninjaflex filament for his PrintrBot, and I got a new phone, since I mysterious cracked my screen a few months ago.

Then we were off to the Henry’s for a full day of family there! We also made it a slumber party and had a lot of fun too. Sad that Holly and Ray weren’t able to be back with us, but it was kinda fun to do a FaceTime Christmas! (Luckily, we got to snag them at the airport for New Year’s. AND side note, they just got engaged. WOOOT!) Evie was spoiled with a little stick horse and a whole cowgirl outfit, complete with a bedazzled LED pink hat and pink boots. Pretty high falutin’! Logan got a router table, and I got an Apple Watch! Looking back, we didn’t really take many photos that day other than of Evie. Better luck next time I guess. 😦

And now here’s the digital form of all that writing up there… Our Christmas in photos!

IMG_5070 IMG_5075 IMG_5076 IMG_5082 IMG_5101 IMG_5109 IMG_5110 IMG_5113 IMG_5114 IMG_5115 IMG_5116 IMG_5144 IMG_5156 IMG_5158 IMG_5159 IMG_5161 IMG_5162 IMG_5165 IMG_5167 IMG_5168
IMG_5170 IMG_5171 IMG_5178 IMG_5187

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