Bryley Turns 18 Months

What a mover this girl is. WOW! Did my best… and it helps when the subject is so gosh darn cute. Bryley at 18 months!

Tabor = 1.5

Our little friend Tabor is now 1.5 years young… and gets cuter every time I see her! All that hair, a beautiful little smile, and she knows how to work the camera already. She’s a sweetie, and we love her!

IMG_3654 IMG_3671 IMG_3720 IMG_3730 IMG_3736 IMG_3760 IMG_3764 IMG_3784 IMG_3838

Si is 1.5!

Wow. Silas is the cutest little thing, isn’t he? He is also the fastest little thing too. Photographing my nephew will probably prove to stay difficult because he is just a straight up go-getter… I mean, a go-get-everythinger. Ha ha! Love this little guy, and his parents are pretty special too! Happy 1.5 Si-Guy!

IMG_3252 IMG_3264 IMG_3287 IMG_3338 IMG_3430 IMG_3473 IMG_3515 IMG_3533

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