O: Month 10

Yo-O-O! This month, we’ve really started to see Olan brim with personality! This month has been full of things to remember:

  • He’s finally crawling full blast. Shut your toilet lids, put your breakables up high folks, here comes the tornad-O!
  • He loves his pat-a-cake. He just smiles and claps any time you start that oldie up. I think he’s starting to even “throw it in the oven” with me. Aww.
  • The guy still will not put anything in his mouth. He acts like food is a foreign contaminant when we try to get him to feed himself. The only thing he puts in his mouth is his toothbrush.
  • As soon as we set him at the table for dinner, he will squawk until fed. He’s getting the hang of the “more” sign, and he doesn’t get food until he gives the sign. That’ll show that squawker. 😉
  • He’s started up this whole “cry-and-whine-and-moan-when-grandma’s-not-holding-me” gig. Oh brother. He also will do this same act whilst crawling to the fridge. He know where da milk is.
  • The nose wipe is Olan’s worst enemy.
  • That hair. Out of control. What do I even do with the baby bowl?
  • He adores anyone who will sit and let him bounce. This is probably his favorite thing ever. I love it when I’m holding him and he gets excited, because he pumps his legs up and down. So stinkin’ cute!
  • He’s so different in the way that he loves to play on his own. He’s gonna be my toy man I think. Evie just wants our presence. Olan’s just gonna want the presents. Ha!
  • The kid does the splits like a boss, just like his sissy did at this age. Watch out Husky Olympic Gymnastics Team!
  • He’s got two bottom teeth, and one that just popped in on top. I’m pretty sure there are four on bottom… just so hard to tell!
  • He pounds down a nice warm bottle in 3 minutes flat.
  • O will do anything to get in the water.
  • He sleeps from 7:30pm-5am, and hopefully will get another hour in when you put the plug in. Great for school business hours, killin’ me this summer.
  • His stats are currently at 30 inches and a bit over 24 pounds, wearing 18 month threads.

Eep! It’s the last monthly O post until we move into our new place! Had to take a few of the kids on our beloved front porch. Tear. Enjoying these little loves so very much.

The Big One-Oh

Little baby Evie is no longer little, and becoming less of a baby. She’s now ten (one-oh) months old… wahoo! Our little love has been having a dandy old time hanging out with me this summer! We get to sleep until 7:30 instead of 5:30! That may be the most divine thing about summer… sleeping in.

Some new things Evie got to experience this month are the River Festival Fitness Five (we walked two miles, not that impressive, ha ha), traveling to Nebraska, going to Rolling Hills Zoo, vomiting, Ritz crackers, the library, and toothpaste. Evie got a new wagon that she absolutely adores! The only thing she needs is a stick and a person to pull her around, and she is occupied for seemingly hours. We take regular trips to Oakdale in the wagon, and she’s as happy as a hummingbird.

She has taken on the skill of rolling so much more in month ten. She also loves to point at things. She does this little scrunchy face wink thing (see below) when she sticks her little index finger out… It is quite adorable. Evie also stands very sturdily and loves to play and dance next to her musical table. Eating with her own two hands has become a cinch. She loves spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, cheddar cheese, avocado, yogurt, basically anything with a strong flavor. The sippy cup is making more of an appearance around the Henry abode lately too.

Speaking of feeding the pie hole, Evie’s pie hole has five teeth! Her top two have come in, along with a third bottom one, making it darn near impossible for her to resist sinking her chompers into everything: toys, cribs, fingers… but mostly books. A few of her board books have fallen apart after just a short, high-impact session with Evie’s pearly whites. In a flash of light, that girl can have the binding of a book shredded into sopping smithereens cascading down her chin.

Getting excited to have a birthday party for my little choochie-face soon… but mostly just enjoying the present. She’s sure a great gift!







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