Summer Cousins 2017

Good golly… we’ve had some fun with the annual summer cousin photo shoot over the years, but this year we got to add another variable with Olan in the picture! I must say it is getting more difficult to get everyone in a good mood at the same time, but I think we ended up pulling it off a few times. At least we were close enough! Sweet kids… most of the time. Or some of the time. Or… yeah.

It ain’t no thang. Glad we started this tradition, regardless! Olan and his emo hairdo and single solitary look, Silas and his “little pear” he held onto the whole time, and Evie with her well-meaning head and neck hug attacks on Olan… love my people!

Nuessen Frands

Here’s some photo fun with our lovely Nuessen friends! They sure know how to work the camera… what a cute bunch of people! Thanks for the entertaining evening, you guys. Y’all rocked it, even if you had to bribe your children! 🙂

Baby Jo-Jo Celebration!

We are so excited to add another “Henry” baby to the family… but it’s not Logan and Shauna this time, it’s Holly and Ray! Evie was super pumped that she guessed the gender correctly: a girl! She has given her suggestion for a name as well, so hopefully they’ll be naming her Jo-Jo. Ha!

I feel honored to have helped with throwing a rockin’ shower for these lovely folks while they were back in Kansas last week. They gave us a theme and we ran with it! Complete with wings, a soft pretzel making station, pub snacks, beer, and of course, friends and family!

We are hopeful and anxiously awaiting Baby Jo-Jo’s arrival in October! Congratulations, Holly and Ray! We love you!

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