This page is dedicated to displaying people, their families, and special occasions in their lives. I have since taken a little hiatus from putting my new stuff up on the blog, as it’s not really a dream of mine to have my own photography business, and the business of life is keeping me occupied enough! So here are my “archives”, as we’ll call it, from 2016 on back. I have quite a few people ask about cameras, and so I’ll just put a plug on here for the Sony a7s, paired with a 55mm lens. I have loved every minute of using this camera, and I highly recommend it!






2 thoughts on “Photography

  1. I like the idea of the CrossPoint church. Do you know if they have one in Hays? My eldest has yet to find a church there.

    • There IS a CrossPoint in Hays! Its campus pastor is a great guy – his name is Micah Sanderson. Not sure about meeting places and all that, but here is a link their staff page and maybe your daughter could facebook or e-mail one of them. I looked down their staff page and know several of them from Challenge stuff… great bunch!

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