Cake Pops

  • 1 box of any cake mix (I’ve had chocolate and rainbow chip)
  • ingredients to make your cake
  • 1 can frosting that matches the cake mix (if you are doing rainbow chip, be sure to buy the actual rainbow chip frosting, it is divine!)
  • almond bark (chocolate or vanilla, depending on what kind of cake you choose)
  • sprinkles (preferably ones that match your colors!)
  • lollipop sticks

Make the cake as directed on the box. Let it cool completely, and then put into the food processor or blender. Once blended, add the frosting to the cake mush and mix well.

Form cake mixture into 2 inch balls. Freeze them for at least an hour. After frozen, melt the bark and dip the balls in the bark. Sprinkle the coated ball and place the stick into each ball. Let sit sideways on wax paper to dry.

I will say, I am not sure when exactly the stick was put in, I would try doing it before freezing once to see if dipping would be easier with the stick. The stick may slide out that way, just not sure!

(Thank you, Mrs. Sherwood for making this stinkin’ amazing treat that my 6th graders got to enjoy for Valentine’s Day! She mentioned these are simple, but can be time consuming, FYI!)

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