Our Baldwin family celebrated Mothereasterona on Sunday! FYI: Mothereasterona = Mother’s Day + Easter + Corona “Ending” (at least to the extent of being able to see grandmas and grandpas and cousins). Here are our Mothereasterona photos!

Easter 2020: One to Remember!

Easter weekend was such an enjoyable time! So thankful for the weather on Saturday. Wow. God is good.

We started the day off with making homemade pop tarts, a new adventure that was a big success! A bit time-consuming, but freaking delicious. No photos. Sorrrrryyyy.

We decided, probably like everyone else in the world, to celebrate a day early with our outdoor egg hunt (because let’s face it, we’ve been doing indoor practice egg hunts for weeks already). Now, let me let you in on a little secret: Evie is a profesh egg hunter. She is like a little vacuum out there, inhaling eggs into her basket while Olan daintily and lovingly chooses his eggs. Therefore, we divided colors of eggs so kids would have equal opportunity for collecting eggs. Worked like a champ to put colored dots on their hands to signify what colors they were looking for!

We had a picnic lunch in the backyard, and then began to prepare for the main event of the day: our window side Easter party with grandparents! After disinfecting everything, Evie planned out an egg hunt just for grandparents to participate in, a snack (Dot’s homestyle pretzels are the best!) and lemonade bar, an Easter book for grandma to read through the window, and a game of Guess Who! We turned our couch around to face the big picture window to the backyard and opened up the panes for maximum six-foot distance chatting capabilities. We had a ball. What a perfect day for it!

Easter morning and the weather was… unfortunate. Am I right?? I woke up too early and watched the sunrise service on the couch still facing the window. It was actually pretty cool to watch the wind whip the Bradford pear blossoms off our tree in torrents. It looked like it was snowing flowers on Easter morning. Brilliant.

As everyone else awoke, the only thing that any child in the house could think about was where the Easter baskets were hidden. I found a freebie super easy scavenger hunt that I set up the night before in five minutes, and the kids were off! They finally located their baskets in the fort downstairs. The highlight of the baskets was the cotton candy!

After baskets were ransacked, we got ourselves ready for church and watched the sermon. Something I took away from the message was that realizing that Jesus is righteous isn’t enough. Regretting your sin isn’t enough. Repenting is what shows your association with Christ. Repentance is required in my heart in order to see any growth or change… so right on.

Aanndd then… we had a feast for lunch! I braved the insane weather to grill chicken cordon bleu with sweet potatoes and asparagus. After quiet time, we enjoyed some strawberry lemon shortcake. We decided to rearrange our living room for fun, per Evie’s request and I will say, I kind of like it! It’s not conducive for guests, but who’s having guests over right now? Ha!

We zoomed with family, we chilled, we dyed eggs, we read the resurrection story, we ate our obligatory Sunday night meal of macaroni and cheese. It was a good day!

Even in the midst of a pandemic, we can celebrate what the Lord did for us and his power to conquer death and the grave. Dang it, guys, this is good news! I am so messed up and in need of forgiveness every single day. That’s certainly been all the more evident as I stay home 24 hours a day with my children. Thank you Jesus for the one-time-cover-all-my-sin sacrifice you made so that I could be close to God. What a savior!

Enjoy photos from our happy little Easter!

Our Family Photos

Fall happened a long time ago. My great and talented friend, Lauren, took some sweet photos of our family way back when, and I want to share them, because they make me smile, and I want to hoard memories that were happy during the fall from heck. Enjoy the scarce post in this season of my life that seems relentless, but I know will soon be over. Jesus sustain me until then!

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