Olan, My Sweet 4-Year-Old Boy

My dear Olie-o,

Oh sweet baby boy, I love you so much. You have been the source of so much joy in our family the last four years. You are my favorite little boy in the whole wide world! The sweet phase has not left. You’re just a bigger sweetie this year!

This year has been full of moments of growth for you. You are able to tell us exactly how you’re feeling and what you think, and I love it. The thoughts inside your head are finally becoming known to the world! You have grown tremendously in courage this year too. You have the ability to play on your own without being scared, you have become less shy around others, you don’t cower as much around animals. I know God has given you the courage to face your fears more and more. So glad to see Him working in you!

I’ve seen you grow in your love for reading, the water, dinosaurs, construction, flight, farming, and doing things on your own. Your sense of humor is incredibly cute, and folks just can’t resist your cheeks. Your personality is really starting to shine through, and the gifts that God has given you are taking form. Use your gifts to show love to others. That’s our purpose in this life – to love God and love others. Strive to do both well! I know God will be near to you in your pursuit. Thankful to be part of your journey, Olie.

My prayer for you this year is that God will continue to give you a sweet spirit about you, and that your knowledge of Him will lead you to a place of trusting Him with your life. I know He will use you in big ways as you grow up seeking after the Lord!

I am so excited to watch you grow this year. It’s truly a blessing to be your mama. You are such a gift!

I looooooove you, bubbaloo! Happy birthday!



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