O: Year 4

Goodness, they don’t lie when they say the second baby grows faster than the first. Time is fleeting… Olie is four now! And my, oh my, we are so in love with this kid. He’s got the coolest little personality. He has changed so much in one year!

He loves dinosaurs. He’s still into cars, but mostly construction machines and farming equipment are what he favors. Lightsaber fights and wrestling matches are something he enjoys doing with daddy. It’s funny how innate the “cops and robbers” thing is in little boys. He’s pew-pewing and slicing up bad guys left and right. Building things with Tinker Toys, blocks, and Lincoln Logs is like, an everyday thing. He’s just starting to get the hang of bike riding. Both my kids are a little slow on the pedaling uptake. Ha! Above all else, he’s a reader. He absolutely loves to listen to his Paw Patrol and Thomas the Train Read-alongs. Proud librarian mama here. 🙂

Although this year he’s stopped taking a daily nap pretty much when COVID hit, I’ve been impressed with his ability to play quietly during quiet time. Whenever he’s done and has his room all cleaned up, he shuts the door and calls for us to come. Then he swings open the door and says, “All clean!” and jumps up and down. So many cute things. I swear this kid has stayed cuter longer than the average kid. Those cheeks are still so squeeeeezable! I can just smooch all over them all day long. Squeaky voice. Enough said. He’s got quite the way of speaking and the animation in his face seems so grown up sometimes.

Olan is 45 pounds and wearing 5T clothes, size 11 shoes. He’s gotten better at dressing himself, but still needs help with that shirt sometimes. He’s swiftly growing out of his toddler bed, but loves to snuggle up with blankets and tuck his knees under his tummy to fall asleep. He knows his uppercase letters, he’s working on his lowercase and is learning some letter sounds. He can count to 14 most days. He loves baths and bubbles and swimming. Movies are a big hit too, of course! It melts my heart after watching movies when he asks me to dance with him…pretty much every time. And yes, yes I will baby bro.

Few little boys are quite as docile as this one, and I’m so grateful to be celebrating another year with him! He’s sure a special one! Here are his four-year favorites:

  • Color: Green
  • Animal: Rhino
  • Food: Oatmeal
  • Drink: Apple Juice
  • Song: Let it Lie
  • TV Show: Dragons Rescue Riders
  • Movie: Smallfoot
  • Game: Slapjack
  • Bible Story: David and Goliath
  • Season: Winter because I like to make snowballs
  • Toy: my new military trucks and my submarine and my new raptor-copter
  • Outfit: my dino shirt
  • Book: Scuffy the Tugboat
  • Friend: Silas
  • Thing to do outside: I like to play with the jump rope, and I like to fight bad guys with a sword
  • Future Career: a construction guy

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