Evie’s Unicorn PARTAY

Had a wonderful time celebrating our baby girl’s #7. We just did family this year, but still had a full house! How is that possible? I tried to invite less, and we still have a crowd! Ah well.

This sweetie was so excited for this party, she counted down for a whole month until the day finally came. Some of Evie’s favorites are her new tennis shoes, her own digital camera, her light up board, her black light, her ice cream craft kit, the star shining bluetooth speaker, the blueberries, oh my, I can’t seem to stop naming them. Pretty much just loves everything!

Evie was characterized very sweetly on her special day. She was just what every mom dreams of, getting really excited about opening presents, and then giving out eye contact and thank you’s and hugs and saying how much she loved everything. A doll!

We had a magical weekend spoiling our beloved Evie Lynn!

(Not pictured: Uncle Steve and Allison! We all thought your gifts were so clever (Blueberries for Sal was one I remember as a kid! And who knew Oklahoma peaches were that good?)… thank you for coming! Great Grandma Peterson, your gum was enjoyed by all the guests at the party. Holly, Rev, and Ray – we miss you! Aunt Lana and Brenda, hugs from our family!)

This was so true of the day! She was so happy!

Unicorn balloon as big as Evie – totally worth $6. Ha ha!

Our family!

Evie Lynn with her namesake, Great Grandpa Robinson!



Glad to have Aunt Tara and Uncle Ryan with us!

Snugs with Grandpa Baldwin

She definitely needed help with that candle. Thanks Si Guy!


Evie’s two favorite folks!

Olie pie.

Grandma Baldwin!

Grandma Henry!

Lovely sparkly unicorn cupcakes inspired by and made by Cheri Gillis!

Uncle Cole and Grandma Henry and Great Grandpa Henry with the birthday girl!

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