Good News

Well, I have something exciting to share with the world. For two years I have been working on my Master’s degree in Education and Library Media, and I am finally at the point where my educational journey has come to a fork in the road. I will finish my last library class in July and it’s now official:

I have been hired as the new K-12 librarian (library media specialist) at Southeast of Saline!

This decision to move into a new position has been terrifying and exciting and if I’m honest, really difficult. This has probably been the most challenging year of my life. So much blood, sweat, and tears has gone into the process of educating myself while juggling my job as a 6th grade teacher and a functioning member of my family, along with every other hat I wear. I know I have been less than impressive in all these roles this year. The Lord has shown me my limitations and where he picks up when I just cannot. Thank you for those who have had grace on me and prayed for me during this season. I am stronger on the other side of this journey, but I am ready to move forward (and be done paying tuition!)!

I am most looking forward to knowing and reaching so many more students, teaching kids what there is to love about reading, and to find truth in this crazy world. Thanking God for this opportunity to invoke change and to be changed!

3 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Congratulations young lady! You have stayed the course and remained strong moving forward steadily throughout. And we have been actively in prayer for Gods very best for you! His work in you and your intense, faithful effort through these times are a source of great encouragement for me. Your children and the children of many families are being blessed by your example. You have been blessed to bless and I see that happening in and around you. I look up to that! Well done sweet daughter!

  2. Wonderful! You will be missed as a classroom teacher but you will put your stamp on the library program. Congratulations Shauna!

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