July 4!

It’s July 12. Oh well. Here is our July 4 fun in photos!

Evie and I got creative with her fingernails… Holiday themed! I was actually pretty proud of them. Evie loved the American flag one! Sweet girl.

These two love each other so very much.

Evie and Olan wanted to craft with some July 4 themed cards. We only got one done. LOL.

Eets a race!

This took a lot of work to conjure.

Momma and Pal

Ain’t we festive?

Okay, so badminton. This was really fun! Everyone got in on the action, young and “old” alike!

My sweet sissy’s family.

Had a helicopter toy or two go on the roof. Send the old man up there to get ’em.

These are the coolest toys!

Max and Mom!

Evie gave out free tricycle rides, at least to cousin Marley!

I like this lady.

My cousin Megan and her mini me!

As if we needed more than homemade ice cream.

My safe girl. Tricycles and ear protection.

So much history with my FarCuz!

Olan says, “CHEEEEEP!” when a picture is being taken.

We are in the awkward smile phase.

Watch out world.

Cousin Dave and Maxine joined us!

Megan and Barry on the sidelines!

We ate well. Steaks!

Just a swinging.

Our Grow Group reunited for a July 3 party!

July 3 fireworks show, brought to us by Thommas and Eric!

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