A girls trip with the in-laws this weekend was a fun getaway for a few days! I’m beginning to see a trend that I don’t tend to take many pictures on trips… and this one is no different. I don’t have very many good ones, but a few at least to remind myself of what we did.

I have very little past experience with Magnolia. I have never watched Fixer Upper. But needless to say, it was still a good time! I traveled down with Janine (Logan’s mom), three of her sisters (Mary, Julie, and Kathy), and two of their daughters (Jen and Cassy). Never having traveled with most of these folks, it was gamble (ha ha! JK), but we had a blast going from here to there. Thanks for including me on your mini vacay, ladies!

First arrival picture! We parked literally right in front of the entrance of Magnolia, since Jen has her handicap ticket. Woo!

Our group!

So, we randomly took a golf cart ride with a Magnolia worker, who wound up giving us a personal tour of the area. So cool! He took us over to the metal shop man on the show, Jimmy Don, and then proceeded to wheel us over to Spice Village and beyond, giving us history of the area and such. So fun!

How long did we wait for this swing picture? These were a hot commodity. Ha!


Well who is this cutie? I was stoked to be able to connect with Lauren (and little Ruthie) for a few hours on Saturday afternoon while the other girls went to a football game that cousin Drew was coaching in.

Lauren and I shopped a bit, went to Common Grounds coffee shop and chatted for a few hours, and then went to Torchy’s for dinner. Such a refreshing time, always with my lovely friend. Great to see you!

Our meeting with Jimmy Don. I guess he’s famous? I don’t know.

La Ninfas on Friday night! I must say, Kansas mexican food is better. 🙂

After dinner with Lauren, I joined up with my crew and watched the last quarter of the Angelo State bowl game. Although the game was a little cold, the weekend as a whole had awesome weather!

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