Numbering Our Days


“So teach us to number our days, that we may get a heart of wisdom.” [Psalm 90:12]

Year ten has rushed to meet us at the door, and we’ve gladly answered it. For ten years, we have worked passionately alongside each other in our ministry. It’s been ten years that we’ve been setting goals and celebrating the work God has done in and around our lives. Ten years of holidays. Ten years of adventuresome mileage on our vehicles. Ten years worth of winters, springs, summers, and falls.

Today, we celebrate 3,390 days of being married. Today, I’ve been a Henry for 3,390 days. Today, I’m thanking God for the 3,390th time that He made something good come from two broken people.

We’ve now spent 5,259,492 married minutes together. Is someone blowing a warp whistle or something? 5,259,492 minutes of cooking, washing, working, playing, laughing, lounging, praying, hosting, sleeping, fixing, cleaning, driving, coming, going, watching, listening, reading, doing, studying, writing, sharing, and loving. What a blessing and an honor it has been to spend millions of precious minutes with you as your wife.

The years, the days, and the minutes have gone by, and I’m still a Henry. We’re still married. I’m still thanking God that He’s made something good come from us, and that He’ll continue working through our brokenness to shine light into the darkness of this world. I’m sure looking forward to lighting up another ten years worth of time together with you.

Happiest anniversary, Logan! I’m glad I chose you to walk this life with. Never looking back, my dearest!






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