New Recipe Additions Edition

Every so often, I update my recipe section with foods we’ve been chowing down on that deserve a spot on the ol’ bloggety blog. So here are the new ones for this go around! I am far from being a culinary genius (I wish!), but each recipe I list is usually slightly adapted for our family’s preferences. For the most part, someone else is responsible for making up such delicious dishes, so look for the credits at the end of each my recipes and thank God for these gifted individuals.



Sloppy Joes (can’t remember if I had this one highlighted last time. Fun Fact: I hate Sloppy Joes. But these. I do NOT hate.)

Cheeseburger Pie

Self Admitting… I need more dinners.



Mexican Rice

Homemade Noodles

Icebox Butterhorns (Rolls)

Pie Crust

Better Than Mayo



Scones (cinnamon)

Scones (lemon)

Lemon Bars

Surprise Cupcakes

Mocha Punch


Party Food

Black Bean Queso

Avocado Dip

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