Flying South for the Winter

Or should I say, flying the winter down south? Our visit to Florida this Christmas break was a fun one, but darned if it wasn’t cold down there too! Since Holly and Ray had their baby in October, we hadn’t gotten to meet little Revery Josephine. They weren’t able to make it back home for Christmas, understandably so, so we decided to take a little trip south for a few days on our school break!

We had a great visit, and since we left our kiddies in Kansas (sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa’s are the best!), we got to relax a LOT. Did a lot of sleeping. Did a lot of lounging. Did a lot of eating. And it was a lot of goodness. The Jansen’s took us to several of their go-to joints for lunches (Stein and Vine, “The Pub,” and Eddie and Sam’s N.Y. Pizza [they import water from NY to make the crust!]), we got to cook a meal together at their house, and we ordered some stinkin’ awesome Indian food to be delivered the last night. We ate well!

For entertainment, we played with one sweet little babe, we watched some Catfished, Office, and Planet Earth whilst playing some games, we did a little walking around the block and on the Riverwalk, where we also took some family photos of the new threesome, we chatted, and we ate chocolate. A three day fast track of chillaxing.

Thank you so very much for hosting us, Ray, Holly and Revery! Love ya!


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