O: 1.25 Years

The three months after year one. This little Olan dude is becoming quite the character! Although he didn’t get a photo shoot all to himself this time, I compiled a bunch of random ones from this season. He’s our little tornado baby, he’s still a crawler (although he can walk, he’s milking the crawl for all its worth), he’s starting to say real words (mom, dad, sis, grandma, star, ball, downstairs, car), and I can’t get enough of his sweet baby cheeks! Gobble ’em up.

Some notable Olan thangs this time around:

  • Has his little tongue out constantly.
  • Points where he wants to go (and he KNOWS where he wants to go, let me tell ya)
  • Loves opening doors (bedrooms, cabinets, microwaves, no discrimination)
  • Throws tantrums. Oh my, we have got our work cut out for us. Hitting, screeching, contorting… the whole gambit.
  • Feeds himself. Even getting the hang of using a spoon like big sis!
  • Obsessed with kicking and hitting a ball around. He is even throwing it up in the air and catching it! Paired with a huge tantrum if he misses. I know how ya feel, kid.
  • Favorite food is bananas. I’m pretty sure he’d eat 12 bananas a day if I let him.
  • Makes the brrrm car noise when he’s pushing around cars
  • Loves reading books with his mom. Swoon!
  • Loves to be upside down with his mouth gaping open
  • He’s got 4 new teeth (all four back molars!) for a total of 12!
  • Wearing 24 month/2T clothes and a size 6 foot
  • Major belly sleeper (and much more attached to a pacifier than Evie ever was… hmm)
  • 7:30pm-6:30am sleeper
  • 28 pounds of goodness
  • Climbs up and down stairs with ease (we haven’t witnessed a “head first” attempt in a long while)
  • Loves to be chased
  • Slides are fun!
  • Makes a mess in 3 seconds flat.
  • Must have food. He will follow us around relentlessly until food is in his grasp.

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