The Fall of the Henrys :-)

This season is so much fun. Fall is awesome. We’ve had an awesome few months… here’s our fun in photos!

KWU Pumpkin Carving night – Evie got to stay up late and come with! She loved it!

Pumpkin patch!

Our family in the windy Sunny Side patch.

Silas and Evie in their preschool day!

First day of school – sure wish either my children wanted to join me that day. BLERG.

My birthday! We had fun touring the city – Daimaru for sushi appetizers, Carlos for my teacher appreciation month free entree, and then Martinelli’s for my free dessert! Thanks, Logan, for tagging along with me on my silly adventures.

The cousins on Halloween! Sock monkeys and a Red Crayon!

Trail loves these kids so well. Love.

Olan cheesing it up so baaad.

Evie learned how to roll her tongue up. So proud!

One of my favorite fall traditions: shopping with momma for our birthdays! We splurged and got a hotel for Friday night, and shopped all day Saturday. So stinkin’ fun. Thanks to our men for letting us leave our babies with you! So worth it.

Evie picked a flower out of Grandma Henry’s garden for me. Awww.

A girl and her mom.

Olan in the corn bath. He loved it almost as much as water baths.

Patch fun!

Ain’t he cute?

My sweet little sock monkeys.

Grandpa Baldwin with the Evs!

CrossPoint Reunion hayrack ride

Some of my teacher friends out for lunch at inservice!

Garden of Giggles group!

Evie was begging to see her old friends… finally reunited!

Ready to inventory the loot.

Evie’s cute jack-o-lantern. The cookie made her night.

The putt-putt golf experience

Evie and Ava drawing… Evie LOVES her Ava friend, wow. She was so devastated with Ava had to leave. Love to see her have a ball!

Grandpa Henry reading to the kids. So adorable!

Cute little Olie!

Grandpa Baldwin with O

Sonic fun! Ninja turtle strong!

Our school costumes were adult coloring books… I was a unicorn!

Beautiful girl.

Olie and his daddy on the hayrack ride!

The lit Jack!

Oh the love these two have.

Going down the slide!

Our newest family addition: Revery Josephine Jansen – Holly and Ray’s little lady! Those cheeeeeeeeeks.

Freddy’s ice cream girl date!

Ice cream date – chocolate lovers unite.

Silas and Aunt Shauna “doing our nails” with playdough while visiting Great Grandma Crawshaw!

Bath time is a hit at the Henrys!

Look at that! She is such a pretty little monkey!


KWU Trunk or treat!

Olan had such fun – look at that sweet little face of glee!

Olan meeting his new friend, Ariya!

Momma holding her babe while he drinks his last bottle. Sniffle.

Cole’s birthday party!

Evie loves her Trail!

Trail flying Olie around!

Trail and his Halloween costume… breaking out my old karate outfit… he he!

Tickles with daddy!


Grandpa Henry with Olie-monkey!

The murder mystery dinner party guests… we had fun playing “real” Clue!

Our murder mystery dinner party was a hit! I was Eliza Black – the black widow. Ooooh.

KWU Pumpkin Carving crowd

Me with my monkeys!

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