The Fourth!

Our Fourth of July celebration was just plain fun. My girl was so incredibly excited this year, and her favorite part was watching the fireworks. Last year she was deathly afraid of the loud booms, so for her to go without ear protection for most of the day was a huge improvement! Any time in the last week that we heard even a black cat, Evie would look up with wide eyes and exclaim, “FIREWORKS!” Olan on the other hand, slept through the bajillions of booms throughout the evening with no budging.

Play Day in the park, actual naps in the afternoon, and the big partay at my parents made for a full day. The evening meal included pork butt, cobs of corn, stellar baked beans, fun drinks, rich and creamy homemade ice cream, and s’mores… what could be better?

The kids enjoyed a wagon ride sponsored by cousin Barry, way too many marshmallows, and snappers and snakes for entertainment before the big boomers began after dark. The south side neighborhood fireworks are ridiculously awesome!

Thanking God for a day to celebrate my freeness. Hurrah for 241 years of it, America!

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