O: Month 9

Olie! Olie! Olie! Gosh. Bright blueberry eyes. Dashing smile. Best raspberry blower this side of the Mississippi. One little tooth jutting out from the south. Adorable.

Little Olan is a sweet, self-sufficient baby boy who loves digging through the toy box, I think he’s starting to enjoy reading books for a little longer now, his naps are evening out well, he’s a splasher already (he’s going to be trouble later), he loves his big sister (but gets pretty frustrated with her head hug attacks), and he rocks the pat-a-cake-ing. Looking out the window and being in the kitchen is soothing, he’s a real daddy’s boy, but loves smiling at his mom and bouncing with his grandmas!

He’s not crawling yet. My babies just aren’t real quick on the whole motor skills I guess. He eats a little less – 32 ounces of milk, but is eating a buncha table food now. He even has his own big boy plate! And a big boy he is. 18 month clothes and 20-some pounds. Chunky dude! His hair has the slightest hint of red, he loves to babble and squeal, and has the belly of a buddha.

Pure happiness.

Oh, and Evie is super cute too – I had to include my pretty girl at the end.

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