O: Month 8

Oh dude! Olie is ocho meses old! This kid is getting more and more interactive by the minute. He’s in love with water, he’s been eating lots of any food you throw at him (don’t know if there is something he hasn’t enjoyed), he just started giving us the “more” baby sign (soo exciting!), and he has all of NO teeth.

He’s been getting up on all fours for brief moments here and there, so no crawling yet, but he is a solid rock while sitting up. He hates getting dressed, he gets all breathy when he’s irritated, and his stone wall face just cracks me up. The pout pout lip pictured below is part of his everyday repertoire. Don’t let that fool you, he’s a super content kid. Happy as a lark to play by himself for probably half an hour!

Our children have the softest skin, and Olan is such a good sport. He lets me touch all over him, and also has taken to a bit of laughter when he’s tickled. A smidgen of work to his bottom rib bone is most effective in extracting a giggle. He loves it!

The kid needs another haircut, he sleeps from 7:30ish-6:30ish on a good day, with a few short naps during the day. He wears size 3 diapers and eats about 34 ounces of momma milk daily. Chunky, as always!

I am so ready for a summer spent with this lil’ dude and his big sis… We are going to live it up! God gives good gifts, and he sure made a sweet one with Olan. Love you, bugaboo!

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