Old Friends

It has been around 6 years since I had seen my old friend, Mu. We met my junior year of college at K-State through the Helping International Students program, and from there, we just really clicked! We had some fun times – Mu was always up for anything! She went to Christian Challenge and UCC with us, she came over for dinner, she dressed up for Halloween, she went through haunted houses and corn mazes with us, she even made the trek back to Salina with me for some of the holidays she spent in the States when she couldn’t be back home in China with her family. I was honored to have a part in her wedding, and I think of our good times together often.

Since Lance and Mu were married several years ago, they had moved to South Korea, where he is currently stationed, and on top of that, last year they had twins! About a month ago, I got word from Mu that her husband, Lance’s mother had passed away, and they were back in Kansas for a short time. She asked if our families could get together, and of course I said YES! I was surely excited to get our families together! This time, it looked a bit different with two husbands and four kids, but we had a great time catching up on what life is like where we are, how hard parenting can be, and watching our crazy little people run (or crawl) around and get into trouble.

So glad the Lord led us together so many years ago, friend! I am grateful for so many fond memories with you!

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