O: Month 7

Baby oh, baby. Baby O is on his way out of baby-ville and into his own little world of personality! I just adore this baby, no matter if he’s a baby anymore or not.

Our little buddy is sitting up, reaching for his favorite people, eating solid foods like a champ, and can turn his whole body around while on his belly. He’s also randomly giving us  #1 AND #2 signs with his fingers… a little odd! Toys are becoming more of a thing, and especially enjoys Evie and Daddy’s TinkerToy creations. He’s pretty chill – only whines when he’s bored or hungry. Dreamy dude!

He got a little haircut this month, might I add, and he looks quite dashing! I’m glad I took the plunge… it is much more manageable. No teeth yet. Om nom. He’s got the classic blueberry eyes that Evie has… I could just eat him up!

He just put on his first 18 month clothes for Easter, so it won’t be long before I head down and grab the next size up. Crazy growing weed! He weighed in at 21.5 pounds and 29 inches high… gettin’ up there! Eating 35 ounces plus the solids he eats… giving me a 5 ounce break has been niiiiice. Thank the Lord. For real.

This little tyke is my favorite boy!

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