Texas Year Two

Golly gee, I miss my friends. Texas isn’t that far, but it’s far enough away to not take trips that often, and with two children, a six hour drive becomes 8-10 hours pretty easily. So our trip down south might just be a yearly one, but it sure is cool that we can just pick up where we left off with our Waller buds and have a ball together anyway!

We started off our time on Saturday evening with dinner (did I mention that my friend is a dinner connoisseur? Every meal is something to write home about), and playing outside. I love how our kids play so well together. Very little drama! Those little boys even love hanging with Olan! Sunday was church and chilling out, watching KU dominate.

Monday was the guys’ day out (Gather coffee, Babe’s and Home Depot… wow) while the ladies took the kiddies to the Fort Worth Zoo. We also went out and did a photo shoot of our family, courtesy of my talented photographer friend. They might just be my favorite photos ever.

Tuesday Lauren and I got to paint the town by seeing Beauty and the Beast (what a delight!), eating at Torchy’s Tacos, and shopping. That night we actually hired a babysitter for the children and all four of us hit up a place called Taverna Rossa for pizza and then stopped at Gigi’s Cupcakes for dessert. We even got to peruse a kitchen specialty shop before heading home to get the kids ready for bed! I scored some new dish towels and a set of metal measuring cups. Excitement, folks. Gotta treat yo’self.

Wednesday Jason and Logan headed to work (it was take a friend to work day.. ha ha) and they worked on their new stage backdrop until nightfall. Lauren and I packed up the kids and went to the park and the library and back home for naps. That night we did a puzzle and watched Nacho Libre for nostalgia’s sake, and finally finished at midnight!

We got to do a bunch of things, but Logan and I both agreed that the sweetest times were when the kids were peacefully sleeping and we were just hanging out, playing games (lots of dominos and Rack-o), drinking coffee, chatting, and cutting up together. Oh, the good old days!

Thanks for the vacation hot spot, friends. We treasured our time with you!

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