O: Month 6

It’s the halfway point: month six has arrived for Olan!

Olan is doing some fun stuff these days. This is one of my favorite stages, when they are starting to sit up on their own, roll over, eat real food. Sure is fun to watch my O-baby hit these milestones! He’s starting to experiment with belly sleeping (hoping this will make him a better napper…), he is actually giggling, he graduated into the normal stroller seat, and he is grabbing at everything in front of him.

We started some solid food action, and I must say he has no taste for baby food. He turns his head away and cries every time I’ve tried feeding him with a spoon. But trying out this baby-led weaning technique of actually giving him real food to grip and gnaw on has been most successful. I ground up little bits of cheese, and wow. He adores cheese more than any other food I’ve set in front of him. I mean, really though, you can’t go wrong with cheese, now can you? Whenever I have Olan on my lap while I eat, he is watching that food like a hawk as it goes from my plate to my mouth. So funny!

Evie is still his favorite little lady. He is enamored by her silliness, and she can always get a chuckle out of him. I hope they are the best of friends as they grow up together! He loves it when I pump his legs and make him “run” and “jump.” Peek-a-boo is sure to get a smile too.

He’s wearing 12 month clothes now almost exclusively, I am guessing he weighs over 20 pounds at this point, he sleeps from 7:30pm-6:00am (although lately he’s been in the habit of waking at 4:30am. Naughty), and he needs a haircut. You saw that hipster hair flowing in the breeze, people. It’s out of control!

Thanks to the lovely Lauren Waller, I got some snaps of my cutie and our family in Texas, as we are out a camera right now. That couldn’t have worked out better! Ain’t he something?

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