O: Month 5

For shizzle. Five months old. This kid is basically graduating from high school already. Sheesh!

Our little Olie is quite the hunk, if ya ask me. Accomplishments this month include pushing up with his hands while on his sweet buddha belly, rolling over (!), laughing (barely… both our babies just struggled with all out laughing), bringing two hands together to grasp a toy (he loves to study toys in his claws), and having an opinion about what he’s doing and who he’s with (and how much he’s eating). He is toying with the idea of sitting up on his own, but always ends up getting himself into trouble when he leans forward. He joins us at the table in his high chair… preparing for next month’s solid food tryouts.

He has been extra specially cuddly with his mum this month. I love how his whole body gyrates with joy and he smiles from ear to ear when I talk to him! So sweet.

He loves standing, licking, grunting, slobbering (been checking for teeth!), sucking on a pacifier and on his lips (hence some of the silly faces pictured below!), being in the action, walking around, being in the kitchen, getting a bath, and… our full attention. He wants it ALL.

Still sporting 9-12 month clothes, eating about 36 ounces in a day, and sleeping from 7:30pm-6:30am. We are lucky Henry folk, let me tell you. Heaven came down into our house when he started doing this most nights without any wake ups gig. Now to train Evie. Ha!

Can’t get enough of my baby.

img_6096 img_6097 img_6108 img_6119 img_6120 img_6129 img_6158

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