O: Month 4

He’s growing. So fast. Olan turns four months in January!

18 pounds of slobbering, squealing fun. He’s loving to watch his sissy… and each time she gives him attention, he gets a big grin on his chubby little face. Evie actually got the first giggle out of our babe just the other day!

He discovered his toes and is starting to grab them with his hands. He’s gripping toys well, still loves to stand for most of the time he is awake, and eats 30-35 ounces each day. When he’s on his tummy, he pulls his head up to ninety degrees. He likes being on his tummy waaaay more than Evie ever did. The Olan hairdo is still very much a thing too. Love it!

Slobbering. So much slobbering. I actually put a slobber bib on him for the first time the other day.

We started cloth diapers this month, so he is fitting into 9 month and 12 month clothing really well. And I thought Evie was a big baby. Wowza.

So in love with this cutie! God is good to us.

img_5856 img_5827 img_5890 img_5899


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