The First Christmas with Two

I promise, this is the last Christmasy post from me for 2016. And it’s for me, not you! You’re always welcome to come and enjoy my personal journal of blog posts I’m keeping for my own family though. 😉

I feel like I failed at photographing Olan’s first Christmas. Argh. At least it was a Christmas that I opened all his presents instead of him… ha ha! Although we didn’t get much excitement from the Ol’ Man, this was Evie’s first Christmas that she really understood what was going on and the anticipation in her heart was something I want to hold on to forever.

Twelve Christmas memories from this year (many of these involve just Evie. I do love Olan too… but ya know, he’s still halfway blob-like…):

  1. Evie wanting to know how much time was left until Christmas.
  2. Evie being really interested in all the ornaments on the tree. Our tree is full of old ornaments of Logan and my childhood, and we’re steadily collecting new ones for our kids to have when they have their own trees. Evie especially enjoyed the wooden angel that has a pull string making her wings flutter. One that my great-grandma gave me many years ago. Love.
  3. Making Christmas candy with my mom and sister, and then with Evie on another day. Even though it always takes ten times longer than I think it will, it’s sure fun! Evie just loves the “nibbles” she gets while helping.
  4. Going to the Smoky Hill Museum’s Holiday Open House with Evie. I can see that one of her interests is music. We sat and ate a cookie by the lady playing carols on the piano for quite a while at the museum. She even got to ring the jingle bells for one of the songs!
  5. Doing the Advent calendar tins. I love filling it with M&Ms or other small treats and doing the reading for the evening. Evie was so good at remembering what day we were on and she loved sharing her treats with others too. She has been able to grasp the Christmas story a little more fully this year, which is fun too!
  6. Going to look at Christmas lights. Red Fox Lane is a little lady’s dreamboat.
  7. Watching Christmas movies together. We especially enjoyed Frosty the Snowman and How the Grinch Stole Christmas this year. Over and over and over.
  8. Evie playing with her personal nativity set. Fun fact: we lost baby Jesus in the tree somewhere. Hoping we find him when we take the tree down!
  9. Singing carols at bedtime. That Away In a Manger song has stolen my girl’s heart. It was also super fun to sing at the Christmas Eve service with Evie in my arms. Belting out Silent Night together was a special moment for me.
  10. Plunking out the simple Christmas songs on the piano with Evie in my lap and Olan in the rocker nearby. I am really not very good at these songs, but the neat thing is that three year olds don’t notice your screw ups. They just love to listen.
  11. Family dance parties in the living room to Christmas music.
  12. Buying presents for my family. As much as I am a gift person, I can tell that Evie’s love language is something other than gifts. She likes opening things, don’t get me wrong, but she doesn’t get overly crazy excited about gifts. She is thankful. But she much more enjoys the company of others. Seeing some words of affirmation coming from her too. This kind of sucks during a time when you want your kid to be super pumped about the gifts you’ve given… but I’m kind of grateful that she isn’t over the top obsessed with the gifts she gets.

Gift highlights for us (I feel like I’m bragging, but I actually just want to be able to remember and look back someday at when we got some of these things!):

  • Evie got a skateboard from Santa (she’d be asking for it for awhile!), a marble run from Grandma and Grandpa Baldwin, and a scarf and kitty sweatshirt she’d been wanting from mom and dad. Grandma and Grandpa Henry gave her a big set of Tinker Toys (LOVE!), and Jamie also gave her a pack-n-play, high chair, stroller set for her babies.
  • Olan got a basketball goal and a really cool etched ornament of his footprints from Grandma and Grandpa Henry, a little wooden car set from the Baldwin grandparents, a play and walk contraption from Santa, and the gift of keeping him alive from mom and dad.
  • Logan got the iFixit toolkit from me, a Columbia jacket from my parents, and a box that has a soldering iron and a heat gun all in one from his parents. Home Alone 2 got into the mix too – he finally has his family Christmas movie ever.
  • I got a Roomba from the Henry’s (Evie treats Roomba like a little pet dog, which is good because she’s not getting a real one for a very long time, if EVER), a cake stand and a massage from my parents (the stand transforms into a punch bowl and a veggie tray. Super awesome!), and a wireless charging station for my phone and a book from Logan!
  • Our family gift was the Sit and Stand stroller from my parents! I can’t wait until we can get out and use it! Woo for two seats!

Here are the photos I could scrounge up from our season of celebrating the Lord! Happy Christmas!


Making Christmas Cookies with Grandma Henry


The Garden of Giggles Christmas Party


Evie loves to read books!


Grandma Baldwin and her two Henry babies. I wish I had one of Grandma Henry too! 😦


The Baldwin Family at Christmas Eve Service!


Our little fam in front of our tree


Olie cakes!


Santa’s loot he left behind


Thanks Dustin, for this funny shot of our family at the CrossPoint Christmas party!


The gang in our new ride! (Evie calls it the train)


Grandpa Henry’s gift from us… he loves Cheezit.


Christmas Eve Service from the sound booth


One of the only shots from the Henry Christmas… Holly and Ray were even there! 🙂


Evie loves exploring Aunt Holly’s room. She found some sweet shades whilst digging around!


Jamie’s gift to us parents from our kiddies. How cute! 🙂 Thank you, friend!

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