O: Month 3

Month three is upon us! Look at this little tyke! Oh my goodness. The chunktification process is working a little too well. At the doctor the other day he weighed seventeen pounds. Seventeen people. Evie was eighteen pounds at six months, and I thought she was a blob. I spoke too soon! He’s sporting 6 month clothing, and we haven’t even started cloth diapers yet. Schnike.

Olan is doing some cool things as a three month old babe. We had a really nice conversation tonight… and he’s starting to mimic facial expressions like sticking out his tongue, frowning, cooing, and of course the most fun: smiling. His squinty little eyes make me see Evie in him more and more each day. He just started putting his hands together and in his mouth, and he’s actually starting to play with the toys in the play yard.  Yay for interaction!

He is really enjoying hanging out in the “floaty baths” with Evie, he’ll just stare up at you with the cutest contented look on his face. He recently moved into Evie’s room to sleep, and he can, as of this week, sleep eleven hours straight without eating. I’d say this kid is a little bear, learning to hibernate early by eating like a cow in the day and snoozing long hours at a time at night. Yessss.

Olie still wants to be involved with everything that’s going on and loves to be held! A big, sweet bundle o’ love, that’s all that’s left to say about this little dude!

img_5556 img_5567 img_5591 img_5640

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