O: Month 1

Our O-baby has made it to month one surviving in the Henry household! I might be jumping the gun just slightly here, but I keep wondering what he will look like when he’s all grown up. It’s so entertaining to me to remember that every man out there started out as a little babe like this. What an endearing thought. He he!

I’m falling in love with this little dude and all that makes him Olan. I love that little detail of a tongue that keeps trying to suck on the bottle for a few seconds after I take it out of his mouth. I love that little “la!” cry he makes when he’s hungry. I love his floppy fingers and toes when he’s relaxed. I love the little sighs he makes while he sleeps. I love watching him move his head back and forth under the faucet when I give him his daily mane wash. I love it all!

Olan is beginning to grab at toys… which must be why he’s feeling the need to eat so darn much. Every 1.5-2 hours he’s asking for more. Wee! He’s already chunked up, weighing in at 12 pounds and measuring 24 inches, and he blew right past newborn clothes and diapers about 1.5 weeks ago. He loves being upright, he’s a light sleeper (but is also sleeping for 3-4 hours consecutively at night, hallelujah), he’s a big fan of tummy time, and stays up all night grunting and carrying on if I drink even a smidgen of caffeine.

Our little photo shoot is of Olan in daddy Logan’s going home outfit from 31 years ago. I love that photo with the hat that definitely doesn’t fit. He hated having that on, can you tell? I can just hear him saying, “MOM. This is sooo lame!” And, just for the record, the shoot ended in a massive blow out. Gotta make note of that minor detail.

Happy month one, Oly Poly!

img_4652 img_4656 img_4661 Version 2 img_4666


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